We will WIN the battle to STOP THE KILLING. We will WIN by our relentless and tireless determination to never back down. We will continue our protests, we will continue e-mailing, faxing, calling and demanding that the changes necessary to stop the killing be implemented NOW.

The first step of course is to make sure Villaraigosa keeps his promise to GET RID OF GUERDON H. STUCKEY and replace him with a bright, compassionate, creative, experienced and dedicated individual who will embrace Winograd's humane NO KILL solutions and make sure the employees are doing their jobs and being compassionate and respectful to the animals in their care.


"You may very well wonder how these LAAS shelter employees can justify to themselves what they do. They convince themselves that they are doing what's "best" for the animals. In fact, one of the many murderous vets employed by LAAS---Dr. Shargani--claims, "We are doing the animals a favor!" He kills animals even as rescuers are en route to pick them up! He doesn't bother to check the computer to determine if there are holds in place on the animals! Rescuers and prospective adopters with holds go to the shelter and--upon arrival--discover that the animal they fell in love with and were already emotionally attached to was killed moments before. Can you imagine the trauma? One woman, utterly heartbroken, tried to express her distress on the phone--and the shelter employee just hung up on her.

They want to increase the number of dog runs tenfold and house only one animal per run. This is their objective, and they are thus killing off the "excess" dogs. The runs will be outside with the animals facing the full onslaught of the elements. The staff will be provided air conditioning and heat for themselves--but the animals will be consigned to sweltering in the heat and freezing in the cold. Dogs are also very social animals, and keeping one dog alone in a run is akin to putting a person in solitary confinement. The animals are frightened and don't understand where they are. At least their cellmates provide some company and solace. (The dogs can often be seen comforting one another and curled up close together.)

Other forms of egregious abuse take place, too--such as the beating to death of a tiny cat named Tigra by Animal Technician Jason Avery. An elderly woman had to relinquish Tigra, and she placed her at the shelter believing the little feline would be adopted into a loving home. One day, Tigra had the "audacity" to escape from her cage, whereupon Avery bludgeoned her with a broom handle and left the suffering animal to die--bleeding from her nose and mouth--of her wounds. Commander David Diliberto covered up the heinous deed for nine weeks--until a fellow kennel worker who could stand it no longer finally reported it to authorities. Of course, all that happened to Avery was his eventual termination. No one was prosecuted either for the act or the cover-up.

This holocaust needs to be STOPPED! The pounds operate like Nazis! They just do what they please--accountable to NO ONE! They kill, kill, kill! They use the excuses of "over crowding" or the animals are "sick" or "vicious" or "old" and everyone simply gives them carte blanche to keep killing! (Guerdon H. Stuckey lied in a recent LA Times article when he stated, "We only euthanize animals that are too sick or vicious to adopt out.") The truth needs to be exposed!

Broadcasting the truth will encourage people to take action--and dismantle the killing machine's power. Only then will we have genuine shelters providing true sanctuary and finding safe, loving homes for animals--instead of murderous slaughterhouses separating owners and their companions. Only then can we stop the insanity--and prevent the perps from getting away with their reprehensible savagery!

I hope ADLLA will succeed in stopping the killing. You can visit the ADL website at and please be sure to click on "real video" on the left side of the home page in order to view powerful new undercover footage. "