The LAAS Shelter System: An Insider's View, PART II

We will WIN the battle to STOP THE KILLING. We will WIN by our relentless and tireless determination to never back down. We will continue our protests, we will continue e-mailing, faxing, calling and demanding that the changes necessary to stop the killing be implemented NOW.

The first step of course is to make sure Villaraigosa keeps his promise to GET RID OF GUERDON H. STUCKEY and replace him with a bright, compassionate, creative, experienced and dedicated individual who will embrace Winograd's humane NO KILL solutions and make sure the employees are doing their jobs and being compassionate and respectful to the animals in their care.


"Don't think that puppies fare well at any of the six city animal Death Camps. The employees are too damn lazy to get off their bums and bottle-feed orphaned infants. Much easier just to kill them! In fact, it doesn't matter how young, beautiful, friendly, loving, or healthy the animals are. It's off to the bump room with everyone--for a lethal injection! (Nobody is physically perfect. If they impounded humans, we would all be dead.)

You can't believe how many adorable, healthy puppies they have killed just during this last week. They are killing several more babies this coming Tuesday--along with the wonderful adults. They kill them for any--and no--excuse whatsoever. If they can't concoct one, they simply assert, "It's their time."

Sometimes it seems like they are killing less--but then they rebound to slaughter every animal in sight. They are assassinating another 30 dogs on Tuesday--and they will no doubt kill a lot of dogs at South LA the rest of next week, as well.

Many animals have a "caution" note on their card. These are the ones who bravely and heroically resist the brutal imprisonment in what they sense is a charnel house. In graphic photos and videos, you can see the thick red pole with the airplane wire loop at the end, they use to tighten around the necks of these poor animals and then force them into submission. If these animals dare to bite back at their "terrorizes," they are labeled as "vicious or dangerous," when in truth they are simply terrified out of their minds. The "shelters" then insist on killing them as soon as it can.

The employees lie and claim that animals are sick when they are either perfectly healthy, or have easily treatable illnesses. They will make up any excuse to justify the killing--but, of course, what they do is in reality utterly indefensible!

The LAAS send out their "Gestapo" trucks to round up animals, many who are targets of complaining, fussbudget neighbors. Maybe the dog barks and the neighbor gets angry--or the cat howls. The Nazis come and round them up--sending them off to the Death Camps to be exterminated for their "crimes." They even nabbed two dogs who were just sleeping peacefully on their owners' porches while their owners were away!

You have no idea how often this happens! Animals are being taken from their owners--to be imprisoned and summarily killed. I have seen this so many times; yet, I know that the vast majority of cases escape my awareness. I don't see them--I don't get to meet the owners. But I have witnessed plenty of owners crying and screaming--desperate and grief-stricken--when they learn that the LAAS killing machine has confiscated their animals. The LAAS tries to convince the public that they were "unwanted" or "neglected," but in the majority of cases this is simply not true. I have seen it with my own eyes."