We got bad weather: rain and cold. The demo was smaller than we expected since we had six last minute cancellation, but the 14 people there made enough noise for 50. It was a wonderful demo, we caught the Embassy totally by surprise. Even the Ambassador stopped at the door for a few minutes to look at us and our banners. Everyone in the Embassy (it seems) had their nose right against the windows looking at us. Their security guards were flabbergasted, and several times the DC police (they all know me, and I have a great rapport with them) had to come and tell that we had the right to be there.

Later on, their Public Relations officer came to talk to me, he was very polite and wanted to know what we wanted?!?! He was obviously trying to feign ignorance of the situation, but we quickly made him know we didn't believe in his "lack of knowledge". In the end, he exchanged cards, he even took my phone number and told us that they wanted to work with us to correct the situation. Well??!! I will believe when I see it, so the pressure will be on them more than ever now. Valerie took about 8 banners back to NY to do demos at the Mexican Consulate in NY, and I know plenty of people there who will be joining her demos.

We had a Mexican college student taking all sorts of pictures that to be doing some presentation at his university. I didn't talk with him, so I don't know which university he is at.

Finally, and most importantly: We were covered by the largest Mexican newspaper in Mexico: "Reforma" I believe it is as important a paper in Mexico as the NY Times is here for us. They are also covering the demo in Mexico City.

So, I expect some changes coming up our way (or the horses' way). I've got good footage of the demo, and a Youtube video will be coming up soon! : -)


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