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The Animal Research War - book


P. Michael Conn and James V. Parker

Forward by States United for Biomedical Research

"The Animal Research War exposes the tactics of animal extremists for what they are - terrorism. The actions of a tiny minority have seriously set back the progress of research aimed at reducing the suffering of people and animals. It is time for scientists, patients and all who abhor the use of terror to stand up for the future of medical research." --Dr. Colin Blakemore, former Chief Executive, Medical Research Council UK

"The Animal Research War makes a compelling case that animal extremism, with its threat to biomedical research and the improvement of human and animal health, is an international problem." --Christian Bréchot, Director General of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research

"In chapter after chapter, the authors unfold stories of attacks, from threats in the night, to baseball bat assaults, to the destruction of years of research. The authors also relate stories of individual bravery and, yes, even corporate strength in the face of threats to employees, customers and suppliers. Equally, they explain the process of protecting animals in research and they put to rest some of the tired myths of laboratory animals�myths that animal extremists need to perpetuate in order to validate their own dire actions. We hope you will read, learn from, and enjoy The Animal Research War. It is extremely important that an informed public know what is really going on and how it impacts on the future of healthcare and medical advances. We hope you will also pass it along and help spread truth." --States United for Biomedical Research (States United for Biomedical Research, with nearly 500 member organizations, is a network of nonprofit associations who have joined forces to promote health through science and education. Members include hospitals, healthcare systems, universities, voluntary health organizations, professional associations, and others in the research community).

The authors of The Animal Research War are to be congratulated for exposing the tactics of animal extremists, and in particular the extent to which they are prepared to go in their effort to abolish all use of experimental animals. The actions of this tiny minority to deny the ongoing importance of animal research for progress in human and animal health are a disservice to us all. --Canadians for Health Research

In a world of people suffering from cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart disease and countless other emerging ailments, medical researchers work to find cures for these life threatening illnesses. Medical research improves both our lives and the lives of our pets. What happens when the medical researchers on whom we depend are themselves threatened by those with an extreme agenda?

From hate mail armed with razor blades and physical assault, to picketing and torment of their families in their homes, P. Michael Conn and James V. Parker expose the impact of this war on medical researchers in their groundbreaking and incendiary book, The Animal Research War. So effective are animal extremists that the first company to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange for non-financial reasons met their fate as a result of extremist threats. Both authorities on animal rights extremism, the authors examine the lengths to which animal extremists will go to halt the work of researchers and with it, dash the hope of those struggling with illness. This book comprehensively chronicles the persecution that many scientists now face in the name of "animal rights." This breakthrough work details the impact of this war on new drug development, and the chilling effect on talented young people who, seeking the threat, opt for other professions.

The Animal Research War analyzes the motivations of animal rights extremists, while also delving into the changing ways in which the public and the legal system view animals. It corrects, with a detailed set of references, the lies propagated by extremist animal rights organizations. By uncovering the truth about university animal research, this book is an intriguing and compelling platform from which to better understand the plight of the modern scientist and the nearly invisible war in which we all stand to lose; if we allow animal extremism to win.

P. Michael Conn is Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology and of Cell Biology and Development at the Oregon Health and Science University, and Associate Director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center. James V. Parker is a retired Public Information Officer, Oregon National Primate Research Center.

P. Michael Conn and James V. Parker
29 April 2008; $39.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-230-60014-X
Palgrave Macmillan

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