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Pet Safety and Protection Act - United States  'In Memory of Buck'

Though the Pet Safety and Protection Act passed in both the House and Senate as Amendments in their respective Farm Bills in 2007, the provision was excluded from the final version of the 2008 Farm Bill. The Pet Safety and Protection Act also known as "Bucks Bill", would have amended the Animal Welfare Act to ensure that all dogs and cats used by research facilities, (often for painful and terminal experimentation), are obtained legally. The PSPA would have made it impossible for animal research facilities to buy dogs and cats from Class B dealers who traffic in "Random Source" animals for sale to laboratories.

Buck was named as one of the many animals rescued by Last Chance for Animals during a 2003 raid of the nation's most notorious Class B animal dealers, C.C. Baird. Buck was very ill on the day of his rescue, struggling with Stage 3 Heartworm disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Parasitic pneumonia. Buck spent 7 months at the vet clinic before he was able to be moved to a foster family. Buck died in foster care, succumbing to the abuse he suffered at the hands of C.C. Baird. May we never forget Buck.

Last Chance for Animals special investigator "Pete" went undercover at the Martin Creek Kennels in april 2003 and exposed the horrors that animals endure, a story told in the HBO film "Dealing Dogs". "Bucks Bill" honors Buck and all the dogs and cats who die due to inadequate care and abuse at the hands of Class B animal dealers like C.C. Baird.

Class A and B Animal Dealers are licensed by the USDA. Class A dealers breed and sell dogs strictly to be sold to labs for research. Class B Animal Dealers, however, obtain their animals from tax-payer-funded shelters, animal auctions, and other dealers, some of whom have been linked to the black market. Dogs and Cats obtained by Class B dealers and the "Bunchers" who round up animals for these dealers, have a long history of trafficking in stolen pets and misrepresenting themselves in responding to "Free-to-a-good-home" adds, with the unfortunate animals eventually being sold to research labs for experimentation.

15 "Random Source" Class B dealers are currently licensed by the USDA to sell dogs and cats for experimentation. The USDA's Animal and Plant health Inspection Service, (APHIS), is responsible for inspecting their premises, but the agency is grossly negligent in overseeing the individuals who supply the animals and their kennels. The unfathomable abuse and neglect is an absolute abomination, over crowded cages, rotten food, food contaminated with faeces, frozen drinking water, dogs with serious untreated injuries and diseases, and live dogs caged with carcasses of dead dogs are among the abuses documented in the film.

In 1966. Life Magazine first exposed the thriving commerce of unregulated animal dealers who supplied animals to America's laboratories for research. Life photographer Stan Wayman accompanied Frank McMahon, chief investigator of the HSUS, and a group of Maryland State Troopers and Humane officers in a 1996 raid of animal dealer Lester Browns property. Wayman's photographs shocked and outraged the american public, prompting The U.S. Congress to pass the "Laboratory Animal Welfare Act" of 1966.

For more than a decade, Senator Daniel Akaka, (D-HI) has introduced legislation to protect stray animals in Shelters from being used in experiments, and each time the legislation has been defeated by special interests groups who lobby on behalf of those in the animal dealing business.

In 2007, The Pet Safety Protection Act passed in the Senate (79-14) and House (231-191), but because of inconsistencies between the Senate and the House Farm Bill, a conference committee was established to resolve the issues. It was during this process that the PSPA language was removed. Language that would have restricted the use of stray animals and animals from shelters from being sold to research and would have imposed fines on violators.

Buck will not have died in vain. We must never give up or in to special interest groups who exploit animals for money in needless experiments that serve human beings no good purpose. We must continue to pursue the Pet Safety and Protection Act in the next years legislation season.

Thank you to all U.S. Congressional Members who supported "Bucks Bill", especially Representatives Michael Doyle (D-PA), and Steve Israel (D-NY) and to Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) for his tireless and relentless effort to get these protections passed.

Contact Senator Tom Harkin, Chariman of the Senate. House conference committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry and the Senate-House committee on the farm bill and express your outrage in his decision to remove the PSPA from the farm bill.

Thank you.

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