YAKIMA, Wash-- People traveling down Yakima Avenue caught more of a show than they expected today. Supporters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA were protesting.

PETA spokesperson, Nicole Matthews said it's about awareness and education for PETA. They handed out pamphlets and talked to people, along with their graphic demonstration. As we know sight is a powerful sense

Lots of blood, dying animals sounds like something out of the latest horror movie. Well, that was the scene on First and Yakima today. Animal activists with the group PETA set-up a powerful visualization for their cause, catching the eyes of drivers and walkers alike.


Yakima locals seemed to respond well to the traveling demonstration. The PETA volunteers were in Seattle before Yakima and are going to Eugene, OR next.

"People have been driving by and giving us the thumbs up. We believe that people in Yakima are compassionate and will choose to go fur free and leave the animals out of their closet," said Matthews.


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