My sister gave me your site when I told her that a County run Animal Shelter here in Michigan is giving unadopted pets to R&R Research to sell to Universities for research. I'm furious and so are the other volunteers of Lake Haven Animal Rescue. We're over populated right now and have no available room to get any more animals from Montcalm County Animal Shelter. We've tried but it's just too many animals too little room. The founder of Lake Haven, Cheryl McCloud even spoke at the County Commissioner meeting hoping to sway them to cancel the agreement the County Animal Shelter has with R&R but it was no use. They've extended their agreement 6 months and created a committee to look into it. Cheryl also spoke to Newaygo County commissioners and swayed them to end their agreement with R&R. I was hoping maybe you could get the information out there. I hate that animals are put to sleep so often, but it's so much more humane than laboratory testing. I'm posting the link to Lake Haven's website with the Montcalm County story on it. Also I've included the link to the Montcalm County Animal Shelter, a link to another animal coalition that did research on the story, and a link to a lab animal guide that references R&R Research owned by Jim Woudenberg.