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KUSA - Andre, the two-legged dog, is being fitted for prosthetic legs on Monday, just in time for the Furry Scurry on May 2.

The large, friendly mutt got caught in an animal trap in Alaska and chewed most of the lower half of his legs off to free himself, said Amy Kauffmann owner of OrthoPets.

Kauffmann said Andre was rescued last winter when a woman saw the animal and a trail of blood across a country road. He weighed only 38 pounds.

Since then Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue has been nursing him back to health.

On Saturday, April 25, Andre arrived safe and sound in Denver. He spent the night with Kaufmann's family: her husband, their 22-month-old Wesley, and their two Italian greyhounds.

"He loves kids. He just has a great temperament. Everything is going great," Kauffmann said.

Monday morning, Andre was taken to OrthoPets to begin the three-day process. His doctors say by Thursday Andre will be testing out his new legs and on Saturday, he should be ready to show them off in the Furry Scurry run/walk.

Denver's American Humane Association contributed $2,000 to Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue to put towards Andre's medical bills. Orthopets and the woman that found Andre are footing the rest of the bill.

The black and brown canine has become a symbol in Alaska for what pet owners and animal lovers say is a gruesome and growing problem: pets accidentally caught in traps and snares meant for wild animals.