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Dennis Zeglin Shoots Caged Parrot to Death

A New Jersey man shot the family's 20 year-old African grey parrot, Mikey, for annoying him while he was watching a NASCAR race on television. Guess who called the cops on him? His wife! She was upstairs when she heard three shots, came running downstairs, saw what her husband had done, called him a "crazy S.O.B.," then called the police, reports the Daily Record.

The man, 67 year-old Dennis Zeglin, used a BB gun to shoot Mikey on June 7, while the parrot was imprisoned in its cage. Zeglin was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The man's defense? He was drunk.

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In Defense of Animals

or Mikey's cruel killer may get away with murder!

While Watching TV, New Jersey Man Shoots and Kills Companion Parrot.

Terrified Mikey who was isolated in a cage and had no way to escape, was Zeglin's innocent target.

On June 7th 2009, 67 year old Dennis Zeglin brutally shot and killed his family's African Grey parrot with a Daisy Powerline Model 93 C02-powered BB gun. His wife called police and animal control officers were summoned to investigate.

Dennis Zeglin admitted to animal control officers that he shot Mikey in his cage because the bird "irritated" him while he was watching the NASCAR races on TV. According to reports, Zeglin had been drinking and was intoxicated when he fired the three shots that killed Mikey. Since the animal cruelty charges were filed, Zeglin has been undergoing counseling for his alcoholism according to Zeglin's Defense Attorney, Stephen Fletcher. Fletcher also claims that Zeglin is a first time offender and has applied for an Intervention Probationary Program. This may suggest that Mikey's cruel assailant may get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for brutally murdering an innocent, and highly intelligent creature.

Undisputed, scientifically proven evidence supports the link between violence to humans and violence to animals and we believe that Zeglin's violent act could have easily been directed toward a human family member or their family dog.

Every year millions of captive birds suffer from abuse and neglect like Mikey. It is estimated that the majority of captive birds suffer and die prematurely, secretly and silently behind closed doors, from horrendous abuse, malnutrition, and starvation, and live in deplorable conditions, with no hope for rescue. It is also estimated that the majority of captive birds who do survive, suffer an entire lifetime of agony and loneliness.


Let his story remind you that millions of captive birds need your help before they endure similar tragedies.

Please call Judge Thomas Manahan and politely let him know that there is no excuse for animal abuse and urge him to sentence Zeglin to the fullest extent of the law, incarcerating Zeglin for his cruelty. Also request that Zeglin be required to undergo counseling and attend humane education classes.

Your voice must be heard before Zeglin's court hearing, which is set for September 9, 2009.

Contact Judge Thomas Manahan
RE: Dennis Zeglin
Case # 09001561
(973) 656-4050

Go to IDA's Exotic Birds Campaign site for more information on the captive bird crisis.

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