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4. "Dog fawns over orphan after boys rescue deer"

August 13, 2004

Photographs by Jennifer Aftanas, from

In South Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks hunt lions. In Nanaimo, the breed - well at least two-year old Hogan - nurses orphan fawns back to health. In late June, Hammond Bay area resident Jennifer Aftanas noticed two youngsters walking on her street. One was cuddling a newborn fawn. "They were coming up the street and they looked totally distraught" said Jennifer. She immediately approached the boys and told them they must return the fawn to where they had found it. The tiny animal's mother was likely looking for her baby she told them. "The youngsters told Ms. Aftanas that the mom had been hit by a car and the fawn had been hiding under the front porch steps of their home for three days. On the first two days it ran if anyone came near it. By the third day said the boys the fawn couldn't get up. "The Fawn was nearly dead" said Ms. Aftanas

Jennifer offered to take the fawn from the boys who gratefully accepted. She then went to a neighbour's house nearby who has young children, and borrowed a baby bottle. About two hours later, and after much struggle, she enticed the young fawn, which she named Bella, to drink goat's milk from the bottle. Finally something just clicked, she said When she got a hold of that bottle she just hung on. Jennifer said she called a number of animal recovery centres in the area however none were able to take the fawn so she decided she would welcome the fragile animal into her home and care for it until a safe haven could be found. Meantime Hogan, weighing in at about 100 pounds, decided - to the amazement of his owners that he too would lend a hand in helping young Bella recover. Originally bred in South Africa to hunt lions, hence the breed's older name African Lion Hound. Hogan began fussing over the youngster. He kept a watchful eye over Bella, grooming her and even allowing her to cuddle up beside him in his bed. "You can come on my bed and I'm going to clean your ears!" Aftanas said of Hogan's affection for the fawn. He looked after Bella cleaning her and helping out until she was well enough to go for recovery"



Today, Bella is thriving and has been moved to a recovery location on North Vancouver Island where her progress will continue to be monitored until she is old enough to set out on her own. Though she does not know who the boys are that discovered the fawn, Jennifer was touched by their concern for the orphaned animal. And while Bella's story has a happy ending, she stressed that under usual circumstances, humans should never interfere with wildlife.

The story and pictures has brought us in touch with people from all over the world. From Hogan's homeland of Australia to Sweden and Memphis, Tennessee. We welcome anyone who would like to share their animal rescue story with us or those that just want to chat about their love of ridgebacks....or fawns.



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