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Sita was a stray and sasha was from a local animal shelter.

Sita, meditating on the Four Noble Truths 

Yesterday, after seeing the movie " Amongst the White Clouds" about Buddhist Hermits living in seclusion on high Mountains in China. Sita was deeply moved by their ascetic life, living alone in deep mountains..."carrying water and chopping wood" year after year. This morning I heard Sita was having a serious discussion with Sasha about impermanence and how all living beings have Buddha nature including dog-beings. Sita even pulled out a poem by Cold Mountains read it to Sasha, hoping to entice Sasha to join her for a cozy monastic life by the high cliffs of Sangre De Cristo mountains :

On high cliffs I live alone

Swirling clouds swirl all day

Inside my hut it might be dim

But in my mind I heard no noise

Although Sasha is a young soul, for a brief moment she was tempted, but then she said:

But I am too young to live a quiet resigned life! I am a-dog-of-the-world in its fullest sense.

I bounce and l bounce and I love to go to Body Choir for I am the the "Elan Vital", it's joy and it's torrents. My way is the artist way, the way of the senses and passion. Yes, I suffer and I get perplexed sometimes, but, hey, in the depth of my being, I know I am one with life's creative current, raw and uncultivated. Why do have to paint? because life demands me to be its full artistic expression! BTW, do I look a bit like Wagner?

While listening to their heart to heart dialogue, Mira's was quiet the whole time, delighting herself with cream sherry in the kitchen.

Enjoin us!

Sita, Sasha and Mira

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