Animal Photos
129. Dog with Piglet

128. Leopard Saves a Baby Baboon
130. Baby Duck feeding fish 



This video, Bella's Journey will make your heart sing, seeing the piglet and dog playing together.

On Monday we devoted our show, Go Vegan Texas! to pigs: Hog Hell to Hog Heaven and interviewed three wonderful women who love pigs and rescue them from factory farmed or cruel conditions. Two were rescued from Sea World in San Diego. Our guests were founders-directors of Peace Pigs Sanctuary in Stanwood, WA, Serenity Springs Sanctuary in Forestburg, TX and New Dawn Sanctuary in Missoula, MT (slated to open this summer). You can hear it on .

Janice Blue

"I know of no other animals that are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open- mouthed enthusiasm than pigs."
--- Lyle Watson
internationally renowned naturalist

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