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Childless couple in Andhra adopts monkey

Report: Prasaad Bhosekar and Madhusudhan Reddy

Hyderabad: A childless couple in Andhra Pradesh has adopted a monkey and made it their daughter. When the monkey came to their house, they gave it food and since then the monkey is their daughter. Right from brushing teeth to giving milk and wearing new frocks. everything is done.... because the couple had dreamt of a daughter when they got married

They have named the monkey Anjali who has been with them for seven years now. They pamper her like a real daughter.

Siva Reddy, a farmer by profession and his wife Lakshmi always dreamt of a daughter.

According to Siva Reddy, "`We feel content in life after Anjali has come to us...we look after her as our daughter...even during nights she doesn't sleep alone...she sleeps with us."

Before Anjali came into their lives Siva Reddy and Lakshmi had a baby boy... but unfortunately that child died within a few days of birth due to complications... after that they never had the fortune of having another child. Now Anjali is their world and life.

In fact the bond is so strong that Anjali is never left alone in the house and the couple have not gone out of their village together even for a day. One of them stays in the house if the other goes out of station.

As per Lakshmi, "It is not at all a burden on us... by God's grace we are a happy family now. Anjali likes us very much and we like Anjali very much."

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