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ALBANIA: May 10, 2007

A wolf and a donkey share a cage in the northwestern town of Patok in Albania, about 40 km (25 miles) from capital the Tiran.

The donkey was brought into the enclosure to be fed to the wolf, which was caught in the northern Albanian mountains four months ago. The animals have since become attached to each other, cohabitating in the cage for the last 10 days, and attracting curious villagers and local media.

Story and photo by Arben Celi

Freed Donkey

Wolf still caged

May 19, 2007

Please let everyone know that we already have a home for the animals, a sanctuary in Italy, just across the water from Albania. We have transport and costs covered, so these are not the issue The big problem is getting an AR group in Albania to step up and help. We need them to approach the owner and ask him to release the animals. When he is kindly educated to the misery he is inflicting on them and that it has upset people worldwide, I'm very sure he will do what is best and let them go. We then may need someone to provide temporary accommodation for the animals until our transport arrives to take them.
Everything is sorted, we have done as much as we can from our end but we desperately need help from inside Albania and so far no one has even replied to any of my emails.
Thanks again for all of your help and I will keep you updated.

Of course animal rights advocates are trying to save the pair: The petition http://www.thepetit takeaction/ 171270834 to associations in Albania.

Listing below from: http://worldanimaln asp?co=ALBANIA&geo=ce&prov=&cat=


Albanian Society for the Protection of Birds & Mammals

Tirana University, Faculty of Natural Sciences


Tel: + 355 (42) 25 454/29 028

Fax: + 355 (42) 29 028

Email [email protected]


Animal Protection Albania (APA)

Bibloteka Kombetare


Tel: + 355 8226 5099

Email [email protected] com

Birds; Cats; Dogs; Environmental; Farm Animals; Equines; Marine Animals; Primates; Animal Transport; No-kill Shelter

Nature Protection

Rr. Hoxha Tahsim Nr. 278


Tel: + 355 (42) 65 109 /67 703

Fax: + 355 (4) 677 03

Email [email protected] com

Birds; Environmental; Wildlife

Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA)

Bul ZOG I, pll 97, shk 1, ap 5


Tel: +355 (4) 249 571

Fax: +355 (4) 249 571

Email [email protected] com

Biotechnology; Birds; Entertainment; Environmental; Marine Animals; Wildlife

Small Animal Clinic & Animal Health Protection

Ruga "Sami Frasheri", P. 11, Sk. 4, Ap. 28


Tel: + 355 (4) 261 878

Fax: + 355 (42) 6313

Email [email protected] com

Spay/Neuter Program

Statistician Society of Animals

Rr. Dibra, p.434/2, Sh.1, ap.1


Tel: + 355 (42) 63 553

Fax: + 355 (42) 700 58

Email [email protected] net

Cats; Dogs; Marine Animals; Animal Control Agency

Transborder Wildlife - Shoqata "Natyra Nderkufitare"

Rr. Pandeli Cale. Nr. 26


Tel: + 355 (82) 44 346

Fax: + 355 (82) 43 037

Environmental; Wildlife; No-kill Shelter

Veterinary Clinic

Rr. Bardhok Biba, Nr. 58


Tel: + 355 (4) 22 4500

Fax: + 355 (4) 22 4500


Biotechnology; Animal Control Agency

Veterinary Clinic 'Ruda'

Rr. Bardhyl P13/a Ap. 18


Tel: + 355 (4) 374 839

Fax: + 355 (4) 374 839

Email [email protected] com

Cats; Dogs; Shelter

Veterinary Clinic 'Stafa'

Rr. Him Kolli, Nr. 25


Tel: + 355 (4) 374 839

Fax: + 355 (4) 225 761

Email [email protected] com

Cats; Dogs; Shelter

TIRANA, mayo 11.- Un lobo y un burro comparten una jaula en un pueblo del noroeste de Patok, en Albania, a unos 40 kil�metros (25 millas) de la capital, Tirana.

El burro hab�a sido encerrado con el salvaje animal, para ser comido por el lobo, que fue capturado en el extremo norte de las monta�as albanas, cuatro meses antes.

Sin embargo, lejos de lo que se supon�a deb�a ocurrir, los animales han terminado encari��ndose el uno al otro, cohabitando en forma amistosa en los �ltimos diez d�as, atrayendo la curiosidad de los pueblerinos y de los medios de prensa locales.

Por falta de tiempo no puedo leer los mensajes de los grupos, en la mayoria estoy en modo web, por lo que si alguien responde a alguno de los mensajes que difundo, yo no me entero, os ruego que si teneis alguna pregunta, duda o simplemente hacer un comentario sobre algun mensaje que reenvio, me escribais a mi direcci�n de correo [email protected]

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