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134. Herbie the Rescued Calf

133. Lady Squirrel Stubs
135. Japan's odd couple

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Herbie was rescued after jumping off of a slaughter truck in December. He moved to NJ with his girlfriend Kevina. Kevina was rescued from a dairy farm they thought she was a boy they were going to drown her YUCK. They arrived in NJ in February Kevina was 8 weeks old and Herbie was 4 months old. The are growing fast. I have posted some great videos on youtube showing their unique personalities Herbie playing with a ball, Kevina rubbing Herbie for attention and Herbie loving it. Check it out These two make us so happy I want to share the happiness and their beauty with you all.  their story on the news[email protected]

Kevina, Herbie, Pumpkin

Herbie and Kevina

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