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187. Pigs with others

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188. Two Orphans at Wildlife Rescue - featurette Where are they now? tells the story of how Animals Australia formed a partnership with Hollywood movie producers to save Wilbur from a life of imprisonment in a factory farm. See for more info.  - Naughty Little Piglet. - This is Notorious P.I.G. or Miss Piggy for short. She is about 8 weeks old in this video. I taught her to sit in less than 5 minutes! - November 25, 2007 we rescued polly our 4 month old piglet, she was being kept in a house and fed on tinned dog food and leftover chinese takeaway she has made a lovely piglet and everybody loves her. - This very educational video, narrated by Casey Affleck, shows kids the truth about factory farms and the animals living on them.

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