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May 11, 2008

As Bambi discovered, life as an orphaned fawn can be a bit scary - unless you have a friend called Rocky that is.

photos by Richard Austin

Doe-eyed Cindy would have been left all alone in the world were it not for the strong paternal instincts of the Great Dane, who is as protective of her as he is his puppies.

Staff at the Secret World Animal Rescue Centre in Highbridge, Somerset, have been caring for Cindy since she was found close to death when she was days old.

The 9st dog towers over his spotted companion, who he gently nuzzles and accompanies on daily walks, ever watchful.

The two-week-old fawn returns the affection by rushing over to her trusted friend whenever she is in need of reassurance.

Pauline Kidner, who runs the centre, told the Daily Express: "A nurse found her in a terrible state. She was wet, cold and almost unconscious.

"Rocky belongs to my son Simon. I was walking Cindy and Rocky was there and she thought he was more likely than me to be her mother."

Come this autumn however, carers hope Cindy will be confident enough to leave her companion and join a herd of roe deer in the wild.

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