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22. Asian Elephants

These pictures were taken Saturday July 23, 2005 in Northwestern B.C., Canada behind the arena where the Circus set up. I saw them when I was golfing, and was immediately so excited to see Elephants I grabbed my camera to sneak a couple of shots from my vantage point above them (arena backs onto golf course).

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It also made me incredibly sad to see them. Last year I actually met them, I did a favour to one of the members and he brought me back to see them still chained in the trailer.

Elephants should not be crammed into trailers for hours on end and pulled through the country to give rides to children. It's hard enough to keep them healthy and happy in Zoos-I can't imagine how a traveling Circus is good for them. And I am by no means implying the handlers/owners (I think Jordan Circus contracts out?) don't care about them, or are even abusive towards them. I'm saying it's not right to have them in that environment. They deserve more.

I also sent them to as it's mainly that site that inspires me.

It makes me wish that at the time I'd had the thought to come back after nightfall and videotape them :-)

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