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Kazo, a 4-month-old African lion cub, plays with her new canine friend, Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, Feb. 10, 2006, at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, Calif. Cairo was adopted by the park from Operation Canine Rescue, which rescued her mother from Hurricane Katrina.
(Christian Calabria, Today's Local News/AP Photo)

A 2-week-old black panther cub, Milica, is encouraged to feed by workers in Belgrade's Zoo, July 14, 2007. The baby panther was adopted by the dog, who helps rear the cub along with her own puppies, after the panther's mother tried to eat it.
(Darko Vojinovic/AP Photo)

A piglet plays with a tiger cub at a park in Guangzhou, in south China's Guangdong March 13, 2007. The tiger cub was abandoned by its mother and is being raised by a sow.
(China Daily/Reuters)

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