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April 30, 2009

MIAMI -- Miami Beach, also known as "South Beach," is one of the hottest tropical destinations in America -- also a thriving haven for models.

With plenty of people attractive enough to turn heads on the beach, ironically, no one is getting more double-takes than a pet rooster named Mr. Clucky.

The plucky Mr. Clucky doesn't just stand out for his looks -- it's his distinct crowing, too.

"People seem to love Mr. Clucky. They love to hear him crow," said Mark Buckley, the rooster's owner. "It's kinda something different for them, kinda bringing a little nature to the beach."

Mr. Clucky could be called the resident rooster of Miami Beach. On any given day, people can spot Mr. Clucky and Buckley riding a bike up and down Lincoln Road, the popular outdoor mall of shops and restaurants. Mr. Clucky's large claws and talons let him grip the handlebars of the bike with ease.

"He seems to be a natural on the bike," Buckley said. "Occasionally we go on pretty long rides. He loves to be on the bike."

The locals know him by name.

"Everyone knows Mr. Clucky," said Greg Glover, a resident of Miami Beach. "He's like a dog, he's got so much personality."

And the tourists seem to agree. More than 13 million people visit Miami Beach every year with this rooster usually garnering his own paparazzi of people snapping his picture to show their friends back home.

"You don't often see such handsome roosters," remarked Daniela Weinstock of New York, as she took the rooster's photo.

Mr. Clucky seems to take his celebrity status seriously. He and Buckley volunteer at Earth and animal-friendly causes across South Florida, such as EarthSave and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

"He's become quite an icon down here," Buckley said. The four-legged foul was even named Miami Beach's "Activist of the Year" by MetroMix Magazine in 2008.

The honor comes after Mr. Clucky's involvement with several animal welfare causes, such as leading the "Walk for the Farm Animals," joining a local eighth grader's protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken's alleged torture of animals and being the mascot for Critical Mass, Maimi's Earth-friendly activist and bike riding enthusiast group.

This tall tale of "man and bird" began almost three years ago.

"I found Mr. Clucky in my neighborhood in Miami Beach," Buckley recalled. "He was hurt in the bushes, his beak was cut off to his face and he had a cut on his head."

Buckley says he believes the rooster escaped from some sort of religious ceremony. He nursed him to recovery and the two have been best friends ever since.

"If I could train Mr. Clucky. I'd get him to stop screaming early in the morning and sleep a little later," Buckley joked.

Mr. Clucky crows everyday at dawn. Maybe he's just excited about another day of activism and attention in South Florida.

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