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299. Andy the African Grey

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Andy was left in the garage when his previous owner moved away. The new owner of the home found him in a tiny cage under pathetic conditions.

He was fortunate enough to make his way to Mickaboo, and veterinary care. He is currently being treated for a beak malocclusion from chewing on toy keys. He requires monthly veterinary care for beak trimming with possible corrective surgery in the future.

He has now been adopted into a loving home that will give him the care he deserves.

The Story we found out from his 2nd owner. Andy lived in a very small cage in the garage for many years. Andy never see any Vet before even after his injury. His beak got caught in the toy keys while first owner was traveling.

Since then his lower became wider than the upper and sticks out. When he drinking, the liquid will leaking for the crack.

Now he will get best treatment he deserved.

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