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Boston Terrier vs Kitten

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Five-week-old young boar, Manni, enjoys playing with Jack Russell terrier, Candy, in Ehringhausen, Germany. Manni, who was found abandoned in the forest, is hand-fed now.

One of Budapest Zoo's barbary macaques searches for fleas in the fur of a barbary sheep in Budapest, Hungary.

This is one protective adoptive mama. German Dachshund "Bessi", right, guards a five-day-old tiger cub at a zoo in Stroehen, northern Germany. Bessi began nursing the little tiger after it lost its parents.

Three lion cubs feed on the milk of a mother dog after their mother abandoned them after birth, at the Safari Park in Hefei, eastern China's Anhui province. Using female dogs as surrogate mothers for tiger and lion cubs, bear cubs and other newly borned animals is a common practice in Chinese zoos.

Malyna, a bear, and Aspen, a wolf, take a pit stop together at a truck stop in Anna, Texas. The wolf and bear are inseparable, according to their caretaker.

A pet lover and his two dogs and a Vietnamese pig join a march in Manila to protest cruelty to dogs, which are considered delicacies in some provinces in the archipelago.

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