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Last week CBS 11 first told the story about a dog and goat found together, either lost or abandoned. The two were inseparable.

After being split apart for a few days, the dog and goat duo have been reunited. And there's a third party connected to this love story, a story as uncommon as a lucky 3-legged dog.

In fact 'Lucky' is the third wheel in this tail-wagger of a tale.

Last week outside the doors of a Garland wedding chapel, a goat and dog were footloose and owner-free. The East Lake pet orphanage took in the inseparable set, dubbing the dog Judy and the goat Minelli.

Then, the unthinkable happened. It seems under Texas state law, birds of a different feather can't cuddle together. If one's an goat, and the other is a dog and no one to claim either, the law says a sheriff's deputy had to come and take the goat.

But the owner of the pair came forward Monday. He'd handed over the animals for adoption. Their real names are Echo and Mow, but they were a pair with Lucky, a three-legged lab.

"The arrangement we made was for all of them to be adopted together, so they'll be happy." says the animals' former pet owner Lewis Leija.

The love duo is now a family trio. Dozens of people have already called about them.

"Now we have a goat, a dane, and a tripod dog, and it all depends who's got the right circumstances to keep these three together" says Roxanne Tucker with the East Lake Pet Orphanage.

That's the hope. The affection among dogs and goats can be maintained together again, in a home for all.

If you'd like find out more about adopting the trio, you can contact the east lake pet orphanage on their website.

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