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Animal lover Dusty Miller can't get rid of Squeaky the pigeon, who keeps coming back to the man who saved his life.
Dusty Miller and Squeaky the pigeon are firm friends. (Masons)
Dusty Miller and Squeaky the pigeon are firm friends. (Masons)

68-year-old Miller nursed the baby bird back to health after he found it abandoned in a doorway in freezing temperatures five weeks ago.

He fed and watered Squeaky as he grew and became his surrogate parent -- even teaching the pigeon to fly in the back garden of his home in Haverhill, Suffolk.

When the pigeon was fully grown and the time came to release him into the wild Dusty took him to the park to let him go.

But Squeaky had become so attached to his owners Dusty and his wife Margaret, 68, that he flew straight back to their home.

Now Dusty's feathered friend sleeps in his living room, takes baths in his sink, and follows him everywhere -- even down to the shops.

The grandfather-of-four said: 'I keep telling him to go but he just comes straight back to me. He loves sitting on my head.'

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