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5. Dog rescued from Japan tsunami sees owner again
After seeing the amazing rescue of her dog from a floating rooftop on television, one woman couldn't wait to get back to the shelter to meet her lucky pup.

4. 11-year-old cat reunited with 10-year-old boy
With their cat Clyde being missing for 12 days, this family thought Clyde was a goner. But a response to a Lost & Found ad changed everything'

3. Otis and owners both survive devastating car accident, but Otis goes missing for 7 days
After a brutal car crash, the hospital-bound owners of Otis the Boston Terrier wondered what had become of their 3-year-old Boston terrier who was lost in a coyote-dense area.

2. Christian the Lion remembers his 'dads' even after living in the wild
OK, so a lion isn't exactly a pet. But in 1969, it was legal to buy a lion cub. As the cub grew, his two owners realized he needed to be returned to the wild. But even a year after his release, the lion still remembers can't wait to 'hug' the men who raised him.

1. Gracie the pound dog reunited with returning solider
With over 3.5 million views, this amazing video is the whole world's favorite reunion story. Gracie can't believe her eyes as she sees her solider owner return from war, and you won't either.


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