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Baboon adopts bush baby

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NAIROBI (Reuters) - Clinging to the under-belly of a baboon, Gakii, a 3-month-old orphaned bush baby has plumped for an unlikely surrogate-mother.

In the grounds of the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, the duo cavort around in each others' arms, drink milk out of the same bowl and poke mischievously at a Reuters television camera.

"This is not normal. It has not happened here and I guess it has not happened anywhere else," said Edward Kariuki, a warden at the animal home in the Kenyan capital.

Kenya, however, has a history of unlikely cases of fostering among orphaned animals.

In 2004, a giant tortoise adopted and became an inseparable friend to a baby hippo washed out to sea off the coast of Kenya in the aftermath of the southeast Asia Tsunami. The pair became an Internet sensation.

Two years earlier, a full-grown lioness baffled experts in the east African country when she adopted a baby oryx -- a kind of antelope normally deemed a tasty morsel by the predators. (Writing by George Obulutsa; Editing by Richard Lough)



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