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410. Orangutan and Hound

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It's like a game of Disney-movie mix and match. Take one character from The Fox and the Hound and another from The Jungle Book, and you've got this awww-inspiring duo: Surya the orangutan and Roscoe, his inseparable canine friend. They met one day when a zookeeper at a South Carolina animal sanctuary was taking an elephant for its daily walk through the woods, and Surya came along. They happened upon the elephant's regular watering hole, and there lay a lone, "worn out" hound dog. Surya immediately hopped off the elephant and scooped the hound into his arms like they were the oldest of pals. After their meeting, the hound kept sniffing Surya out until the keepers gave in, gave him a name and decided to let the two spend their days frolicking together.

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