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46. Horse adopts kitten

45. Abandoned calf finds unlikely mother

A black angus calf recently abandoned by her mother has been adopted by an entirely different species: a dog.

When Vegas, a Boxer mix, set eyes on Maggie the calf, her motherly instincts took over.




Earl Best, a longtime Maryville cattle farmer says, "Dogs and cattle don't usually mix, except in this case."

Last Sunday morning, Best went out to feed his cattle and found Maggie all by herself in the middle of the field. Her mother had abandoned her after birth.

"A soon as I brought her in, that dog went crazy wanting to be with the calf," adds Best.

Best says Vegas has never had puppies before and can't because she was spayed. Instead, she's decided to adopt.

"If the calf is laying down, a lot of time (the dog will) stand right over it or she will lay down on it like she's protecting it or keeping it warm," adds Best.

Right now, both Vegas and Maggie weigh in at about 70 pounds. In no time, the calf will be up to 1,400 pounds.

"I guess everything has to have some affection. The dog gives affection," says Best.

Maggie was to end up as beef on the Bests' table, but they have decided to keep her as a pet.

photojournalist Jerry Owens , Photographer

Robin Murdoch , Reporter

46. Horse adopts kitten

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