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47. hamster snake

46. Kitten chases a stable life
January 9, 2006

IT'S a funny farm where a naughty kitten has the upper hand over a horse with hoofs that could crush a curious cat's tail.

The odd couple: Garfield the ginger kitten's new best friend is the pony called Gemma.
Picture: David Caird

Garfield the 12-week-old cat has bonded with placid three-year-old Gemma, who lets her mate bat her around the ears.

Fearless Garfield isn't bothered by Gemma's heavy hoofs.

Owner Andrew Taylor, who lives on the property at Kialla near Shepparton with partner Rachel Martini, said the unlikely pair's friendship was based on comfort and security.

They snuggle in Gemma's stable after a day of playing.

"Gemma has taken the little kitten under her wing like a mother," Mr Taylor said.

"Garfield was only a kitten when I accidentally trod on her tail one day and she ran into Gemma's stable and we found her lying with Gemma."

Even the pigs and ducks can't escape Garfield's mischief.

"She jumps all over the pigs' backs, the ducks chase her, and she hangs off Gemma's head," Mr Taylor said.

47. hamster snake

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