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49. pig nursing dog

48. Little Loki a handful for new mother
January 20, 2006

Duck for cover ... tiny squirrel monkey Loki is native to South America

HE sucks his thumb, can make a real racket and is inseparable from his favourite toy, just like any other baby.

Except Loki the squirrel monkey is a very special case.

The tiny primate lost his mother soon after he was born at Taronga Zoo last November, when she died from birth complications.

His new family consists of a toy duck and zookeeper Louise Grossfeldt, who has become his surrogate mum.

Ms Grossfeldt has been caring for Loki round the clock to ensure he gets the care he needs to survive.

The tiny monkey fits easily in the palm of her hand but he has proven to be more than a handful as he lives up to his name - taken from the Norse god of mischief.

"Even at this tender age, Loki loves to wreak havoc," Ms Grossfeldt said.

Loki, who is fed milk six times a day, is slowly being introduced to five adult squirrel monkeys - including his dad - at Taronga so he can join them when he is strong enough.

49. pig nursing dog

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