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Delia Canoves Yo siempre fui y soy una gran amante de los animales, cuando era pequeña teníamos animalitos, como gallinas, patos, ocas, dos cerditos, caballos etc.... Soy hija única, mis animales eran mis amigos, mis hermanos, no sabéis el vínculo que cree con cada ...See More

I was always and I am a great lover of animals, when I was little we had animals, such as chickens, ducks, geese, two pigs, horses etc... I am the only daughter, my animals were my friends, my brothers, you do not know the link you create using each one of them, I could tell you many stories conparti with each of them, loved them all with all my heart and was only a child, but my horror was when came a man to kill them to eat, a day comes from the College I went to see my animals and I saw that you were missing me great part of hens, I dedicated myself to look for them, I felt despair, when I walked into where my mother had washing machine, I saw my friends, dead without feathers hanging, I started screaming like a madwoman, cry panic invaded my body, I didn't understand anything, my parents came running tried to reassure me and explained me, that these animals are bred to eat etc... But I didn't see it, I saw that my friends had killed them. After a while they did the same thing with my geese, were killed and llorera again, but the worst was when killed my little piggy, was a pig that became small, we had it in a pen with your House, I bathed him, going to search their acorns that both liked, grew very fast and became a huge pig playing with him, I even climbed up and caressed him, ate sitting as individuals, until a Saturday morning, I woke up, I went to have breakfast and listen my Sancho to chillar, I peeked out the window and I saw that it was surrounded by people, when I ran my parents I got home and my grandmother took me inside I listened to my boy scream of fear, my grandmother took me and I started crying, and screaming nooo please do not do you anything, but they killed him. Since I enfadé with the family and not already killed more animals, died old. My horses, the pig that was and the other animals. Although I echo the blame for having not been able to save my friend, I had to be prevented, but was only a baby of 6 years and adults did what wanted them. I dedicated myself to collect all kinds of abandoned animals and take them home. Is that we are omnivorous, but we can choose to be vegetarians, today we have access to many foods that can help us to be healthy and lead a normal life. When I saw the video of the nene, it reminded me of everything you spent.

Ruth Manzanares Me recuerda a mi de pequeña, yo sacaba a los caracoles del camino cuando llovía para que no los pisarán la gente al pasar, sacaba de la piscina las avispas que caian al agua y se estaban ahogando, cuando mi madre cocinaba caracoles y los veia intentan...See More

Reminds me to my small, I took out the snails of the road when it was raining so that those not pisarán people passing, out poolside wasps that fell into the water and they were drowning, when my mother cooked snails and the saw trying to escape from the pot to save life took out them and let them on the field for my any life was valuable, it was like that was an Ant... and Javi bolivar, society just change who is influenced... because I'm feeling like doing the same thing for those animals... in fact my influence was so strong, that in my family stopped eating animals suffering to my caused me that... and my son to inherited that same respect for life...

Juliana Valencia Qué triste cuando perdemos esa inocencia :-(How sad when we lose that innocence :-(

Yolanda Martinez P Que penita me da verle llorar y dar masajes al pez. Lo siento por el niño porque lo pasará muy mal al ser tan sensible en el mundo que nos ha tocado vivir.That Peñita gives me to see you cry and massage to the fish. Sorry for the child because it will be so very badly to be so sensitive in the world which we live.

Javi Bolívar Santos Hipocresía fuera...somos buenos y respetuosos desde que nacemos,como cualquier especie pena es que nos obligan a ser como la sociedad...padres colegios sociedad gobiernos. Dejemos a los niños a sentir y amar...aprenderemos más de ellos...qu...See More

Hypocrisy out... we are good and friendly from that are born, as any animal species... the penalty is that they force us to be like society... parents schools society Governments. Let children to feel and love... learn more than them... that they we... We take away their will. . innocence... freedom... and hopefully these children continue to give example of empathy love and sensitivity. .ains those evil parents who should not have children to teach them their wickedness and odio.por a free innocence... for all children and animals in the world... ask the world!!!

Ana Laura Mondragon Como lo acaricia!!! Como queriendo darle vida, que sensibilidad la de este pequeñito .As caresses it! As wanting to give life, that sensitivity of this tiny.

Julio Piñeiro Fernandez Ojalá los toreros tuvieran... la centésima parte de sentimientos que tiene este niño.Hopefully the toreros had... the hundredth part of feelings that this child has.

Nora Nilda Vega Verdad, ellos después de burlarse mucho del pobre todo, lo clava con un espadín...Eso es deporte !

Grecia Aguinaga Z suena ridiculo pero lloré hace poco porque un señor aplastó con su mano a una mariposa que yo estaba mirando. La mariposa se había posado en su mejilla y supongo q por miedo su reacción fue esa... Los humanos hemos caído en un profundo sueño en el que creemos que todo lo que nos rodea son cosas plásticas inertes a nuestro serviciosounds ridiculous but I cried recently because a man crushed with his hand to a butterfly that I was looking at. The Butterfly had landed on her cheek and I suppose q for fear his reaction was that... Humans have fallen into a deep sleep in which we believe that everything around us are inert plastic things to our service

Polette Velvet Este niño tocó mi corazón y me hace llorar cada vez que lo veo:

This child touched my heart and makes me cry everytime I see it:

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