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Muschi and Mauschen have been reunited.

Muschi (German for cat) is a black homeless cat of three kilo, Mauschen (German for mice) a black collar bear of two hundred kilo. They already live together for four years, in the bear area of the Berlin zoo. Nobody knows where Muschi came from. She was just suddenly there. Zoo attendants discovered the cat on a day in the roaring pot-hole. Muschi liked it and decided to stay. The attendants didn't intervene. They thought that the company was good for the bear. That appeared to be correct, Muschi and Mauschen became close friends and are already six years inseparable. Together they play with dead mice, parts them the daily share raw flesh and lick each other's fleece clean.

January 2004 it was done with the fun. The roarring stay was renovated and the collar bear disappeared to a inside-roarring. Would cat leave. Nope.

Plaintive meowed strayed Muschi for weeks true the Berliner zoo till the he found the cage of its very best friend. There she continued to sit. Meowed all the time. The attendants tacked and under large interest the two friends have been reunited.

A couple of year ago the zoo placed an enlightenment sign beside the roaring for people who were worried about the cat. "The cat and the bear treat each other carefully and respectfully" the sign says. "in spite of the sign it still regular occurs that visitors warn us", thus animal attendant Heiner klos in an interview with the Zoopresseschau.

Many visitors asked if they can take the cat home. Heiner klos: We tell those people, only if they take the bear too.

Mauschen is living now in an elderly person home, out of sight of the visitors, where she still lives in the company of Muschi. The animal attendant is frightened that there will be soon an end of the remarkable animal relation between Mauschen and Muschi. The collar bear is meanwhile 35 years old which is very old for a collar bear. Mauschen become weaker and weaker. She eats and moves not so often. We think she will die in a not to long time. But she still likes the company of the cat. She frequently sleeps spinning in the enormous claws of the bear.

When Mauschen dies, Muschi can continue to live in the roarring stay. "the animal meanwhile became a part of our zoo", thus klos.

Submitted by Sander

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