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Two of the world's most renowned shy and timid creatures have found each other in safe companionship through the lens of Tanja Askani of Alberta, Canada.

Tanja Askani

Tanja Askani has been bonding with animals since she was a child. She established the first wolf pack in the Lüneburger Heide Wildlife Preserve in 1998 and continues to care for its wolf packs in addition to many other animals. She lives in Germany.

Kinship with the Wolf

The Amazing Story of the Woman Who Lives with Wolves

By (author) Tanja Askani

ISBN: 1-59477-130-8

Quality Paperback

Page Count: 144; 7.50 (width) x 10.50 (height)

124 color photographs

Imprint: Park Street Press

Availability: Please contact customer service at 800-246-8648 if you would like to backorder this forthcoming title. Estimated publication date: 10/20/2006.

Price: $19.95

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