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Yvette E. says:

"Both my dogs really like their cats. Mitchie raised those two kittens till they were a bit past 3 months old.

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Dog suckles two kittens
18 April 2005

A Staffordshire dog is suckling two orphaned kittens after adopting them as her own.

Alie, the purebred English Staffy, amazed her Dunedin owner Wendy Milne last week when she started producing milk and nursing the kittens.

"I knew Alie was motherly but I didn't expect this. It's great that they've survived. They're just so happy, that's what cracks me up."

Miss Milne found the scrawny kittens under a bush on her front lawn in Mornington a week ago and brought them inside.

The two-week-old kittens were fed on a milk substitute for three days until Alie stepped in.

When the kittens were introduced to the five-year-old dog she immediately took on the maternal role.

"Alie came into milk within hours of meeting the kittens. The first time she cleaned one of the kittens it bit her nose when she went to flip it upside down.

"She's so gentle and has made them beautiful. Before they were ugly little things."

Alie carries the kittens gently in her mouth and when they meow, replies with a soft grunt.

"People go on about Staffys all the time but they are not aggressive dogs."

The kittens can be a handful at times for their doting mother.

"They're a bit naughty and keep trying to climb out of the box. They keep her busy."

Alie gave birth to a litter of pups two years ago and had been through a false pregnancy a few weeks ago, she said.

Miss Milne is not going to keep the kittens, which will be up for adoption in six weeks, because she lives beside a busy road and fears they will get run over.

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