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It is about the life and death of 512 kangaroos which were trapped on an old naval base in Canberra Australia for many years. Then the government decided to kill them. Animal care groups ran a campaign to have them moved to private properties elsewhere in Australia and eventually the Defence Dept relented and agreed. But after two months, reactionary elements in the government forced Defence to abandon the planned translocation and the killing began. The arrogant government of the Australian Capital Territory allowed photographers to capture the slaughter. I was there with press photographers and fellow activists to watch the sickening sight from about � mile away.

We wanted to try and save some of the kangaroos but it was logistically impossible.

Now we hear that the government is considering killing thousands more kangaroos in the area. All kinds of misinformation is being put forward: that the kangaroos are starving and that killing them is �humane�; that the kangaroos are damaging the habitat of a rare moth and a lizard. This Australian animal, they announce, is now a �pest.� (Although it is Australia�s national symbol.) The real reason is that this and other areas are being developed for housing and big money is in sight.

The only way to stop, or at least slow, these bureaucracies is to shame them in the eyes of the world. So any help you can give would be most appreciated.

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All the best,

Ray Drew, wildlife photographer, Australia.

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