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Nermal and Kate
New photos of my niece, and my best friend's son with animals. A few months ago, I already sent you some photos of my niece with one of my cat, a little bit of reminder: she is a little child, who lives among 6 of my cats like Maugli. /actually they are 7 now, as I found another one last week/.
I really hope that you'll enjoy watching these photos too.

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Let me share some nice photos of my niece and my cats. She is becoming a good example, how human beings can live together with non-human beings. At the very beginning, before she was born, I had had many arguments with the other members of my family, that how should I keep away all of my six cats from her, not to let them come into the house... and things like that, but then after my niece was born she completely changed all of the others attitude.

She is actually living among them like Maugli, and they have an unexplainable contact with them. I would never let them playing together without having an adult eyes on them, but I would reveal that this child is completely healthy, despite of the beliefs that it is likely to catch some kind of illnesses from cats, which sometimes can be fatal.

All of my cats were found on streets and were escaped from very bad condition, although it was a very long and costly progress, while they became healthy I would say that it really worth all of the efforts. I only told this example that they weren't raised in a special environment and condition to make it possible for a child to live together with them.

I have to tell you another kind case happened with us. One day I was preparing to take all of my cats to the vet, and was collecting them and close into a cage to make it possible to carry them. While I was 'chasing' the last one my niece climbed to one of cages and started to escape my cats. I have to note that she is less then one year old, so it is clear that she was not aware what she was exactly doing, she just found it unacceptable that her friends are in a situation what they not really enjoy. I'm not joking, she had been crying until I brought all of them back.

I believe that it is the best way, how a member of our future generation should grow up. My photos are not copyrighted, and I took them, so I authorize you to use them if you want for any purposes to emphasize the possible relationship between animals and human beings, or if you need them for a leaflet or any printing aims, which requires better resolution and quality, just ask and I also have more, I just tried to choose the best for the first time.

I really hope that you find pleasure in reading my lines, and watching my photos, I suppose all of us need sometimes an evidence, that it is worth doing something to make our world for a better place to live.

Have a nice day and take care,
Eva L.

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