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Launch of a New Veterinary Animal Welfare and Ethics Institute

Launch of a New (Australia-based) Veterinary Animal Welfare and Ethics Institute

5th September 2011

The newly formed association "Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics" has just emerged with the aim of offering scientific reflection within an ethical framework to further the animal protection movement.

It has been Sentient's observation and professional experience that, despite having expertise in animal welfare as a profession, veterinarians have not had a significant role in promoting a greater focus on the humane treatment of animals. Their intention is to fill this niche.

As a veterinary-driven independent forum and lobby group, Sentient will bring the recognition of animals as sentient beings to the national agenda and ensure that their needs are appropriately and ethically addressed by governments, industry and the public.

This will be achieved through research and development of strategic alliances with government and industry groups, as well as like-minded organisations, and will enable members to collaborate and contribute towards the broader social justice movement.

Sentient can be contact via their website,, or via email to Please also visit their Facebook page, 'Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics', and twitter page,!/Sentient.Org/following .

Yours truly

Dr Katherine van Ekert (Hons 1)

President, Sentient, The veterinary Institute for AnimalEthics

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