Philosophy of AR
The Link Between Animal Abusers and Violent Crimes


How Animal Liberation Will Benefit Human Rights: ALbenefitsHR.htm

2016 begin tracking of animal abusers - Nov 2015
FBI Accusers Hunting Animal Abusers - June 2015
man-who-lit-dog-on-fire-now-wanted-for-killing-a-child - Feb 2015
Animal Cruelty and Antisocial Behavior: A Very Strong Link - 12/12
Nuria Querol Presents Link Between Animal Cruelty and Personality Disorder - December 2012
Midnight Movie Massacre: The Vivisection Connection - July 2012
Animal rights activists started chasing Magnotta years before mutilation murder - June 2012
Animal Abuser Kills Human - June 2012
The Signs of Animal Abuse - May 2012
The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence - book
Lecture links animal cruelty and human violence - November 2011
Animal Cruelty and Human Violence - June 2011
Animal and Child Abuse - Making the Connection - January 2011 - January 2011
And We Wonder Why - on Violence - Nov 2010
Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty - October 2010
Animal Cruelty Syndrome article.... magazine/13dogfighting-t.html?ref=todayspaper - June 2010
Evidence that Animal Abusers go on to Attack Humans - March 2010
Facts About Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence - March 2010
Expert on Abuse Links - January 2009
Animal Abuse and Domestic Abuse Linked - January 2009
US "Cruelty Response System" - October 2008
88% of Homes with Abused Children Have Abused Pets - October 2008
What comes after killing pets? - September 2008
Town Hall Addresses Link Between Children & Animal Cruelty - July 2008
Animal Abuse and Family Abuse - July 2008
Shelter for Abused Women and Their Pets - Nov 07
The 5 US States with the most lax AR Laws - Nov 07
Cruelty Hall of Shame - US, Nov 07
CSI for Animal Victims - updated Dec 2007
Conference on Relationship between Animal Abuse and Human Violence - September 2007, UK
USA Animal Abuse Statistics
What We Know -- What We Know About the Link Between Animal Abuse And Human Violence, by M. Randour.
When Animal Abusers Get Older - March 2007
American soldiers in Iraq taunt crippled dog - January 2007
Animal Abusers Charged With Rape - December 2006
Bomber was an animal abuser - duh... - December 2006
Connection between family violence and animal cruelty - October 2006
Haven from Violence - August 2006.
Correlation between pet and domestic abuse -- Warsaw report
George W. Bush's Animal Abuse
Animal Abuse and Serial Killers
Farmer Charged in Drowning - Oct 2006. A farmer with a criminal conviction for abusing horses that were later rehabilitated in Milan, Ill., has been charged with murder in Schuyler County, Mo., for allegedly drowning his wife.
Animal Abuse -- August 2006. Opinion.
VanKavage -- May 2006. Seminar on abuse links animal, human cruelty.
Maine Law -- April 2006. Maine Uses Utah State Study Linking Animal and Domestic Violence.
Cruelty Maps -- Nov 2005. Interactive Animal Cruelty maps.
Animal-Child Abuse -- Nov 2005. First Strike Targets Links Between Animal and Child Abuse.
Lessons-Cruelty -- Nov 2005. The Key Lessons on Cruelty.
Sociopaths -- Oct 2005. Sociopaths likely to start with animal abuse. By Danielle Williamson.
Kid Cruelty -- August 11, 2005. Childhood cruelty to animals may signal violence in future.
Abuse linked -- Animal and human abuse linked, studies show, 01/07/02, by Debbi Snook.
Abuse Related -- Fiends start on animals. Torturers .. Ian Brady & Fred West. By H. Browne.
Crimes -- Why We Shouldn't Tolerate Animal Cruelty.
Dachau -- Edgar Kupfer, imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp in 1940, has a unique perspective of animal rights.
Crimes 2 -- The Justice Department (early ALF).
USA Abuse -- America's Abuse Problem, by the ASPCA.
Maui Abuse Correlation -- Sept 2005. Pet abuse sign of more trouble, by Milissa Tanji.
After Animal Cruelty -- The next step: Human Cruelty.
Pet-Abuse.Com -- One page from a great resource .

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