Animal Dissection in School Labs

Superintendent sets out to save the frogs - August 2011
Alternatives To School Hatching Projects - April 2010
The Frog Doesn't Have to Croak - Nov 09
New York Medical College to stop using live dogs - Nov 07
Humane Alternatives in Veterinary Education - April 2007
The student who wouldn't -- Whatever happened to the student who wouldn't dissect a frog? by Tony Germanotta.
Vet School Animals -- Survey of Nonhuman Animals in U.S. Veterinary Schools, 1998-1999.
New studies of harmful animal use and alternatives in education - Dec 2006
Dissecting Alternatives - Program offers alternative to dissecting in classroom
Girl Hailed for Activism - September 2006.
Law 2006 -- Jan. 2006. New law in New Jersey, U.S., says it's OK to cut dissection lab.
Alt Loan Prog -- Seven pages of information from various sources regarding alternative testing.
Conflict -- Student/Teacher Conflict Regarding Animal Dissection.
Schools -- Dissection at School.
Without Killing -- Don't want to harm animals for your education? Learn Without Killing.
Instructional -- Dissection as an Instructional Technique: Choice and Alternatives by Alan D. Bowd.
Frog rebel -- Students who won't dissect frogs spark rebellion.
Humane Studies -- Ideas and references for science studies that involve students as both investigators and subjects.
Bibliography -- Attitudes Toward Dissection: An Annotated List of Studies.
To Harm or Not -- To Harm or Not to Harm: Animals and Higher Education.
Choice Laws -- Student Choice Laws and Policies.
Animalearn Launches Student Choice Animation -- Sept. 2006. Frogger reminds students that dissection doesn't cut it.
Science Projects -- References for doing biology projects without destroying animals.
Student Rights -- Students' Rights Regarding Dissection and Vivisection.
UCSF -- SF Board of Supervisors Hearing on UCSF Animal Experimentation by Elliot M. Katz, DVM
Lab Week -- Address at UC Berkeley by Nancy Kivette
School Labs -- Roughly 3.2 million frogs are destroyed for dissection each year by F.Barbara Orlans Ph.D
Objections -- Objecting to Dissection: What to do if you're a student who doesn't want to dissect.
Canaries - Concerning research being conducted at The OSU - Cats On Speed. The Canary and the Rat.
8 rules -- Please thank "8 Simple Rules" for dissection choice message. Dialog from the TV show.

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