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Things to Consider Before Dissecting in a Classroom

"If each student and teacher considering dissection were to first witness the capture, handling and death of each animal they were about to dissect, dissection would fast become an endangered classroom exercise."
  ~Suzanne C. Terrant, D.M.V, veterinarian

The animals which are used for dissection are often treated cruelly before being killed. They have suffered from the trauma of confinement. Many of them have had inadequate food and care and suffer during transportation. Inhumane killing methods are often used. 
Stolen or lost pets can end up on classroom tables. 
    Frogs who are key members of our ecosystems are disappearing from the wild rapidly. The frogs that are used in school science labs are frequently collected from the wild. Those that are not come from breeders who restock their captive population by taking additional frogs from the wild. 
    Through dissection, biology - a study of life teaches students death, insensitivity and to treat other inhabitants of earth as commodities. 

Much of the information above came from PETA. It has been rewritten but the facts remain the same.
    They have videos you can rent or buy on dissection and a lot of information available free of charge to anyone interested.

Here's an address:
Ethical Science Education Coalition
167 Milk Street #243
Boston, MA

This organization has a catalog of humane alternatives to dissection it is available free of charge to students and teachers.

Alternatives to Dissection for Elementary and Secondary Schools
    A Factsheet from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Alternatives to Dissection for College Students
    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Factsheet.

Animal Alternatives in Education
    From API, alternative learning tools and techniques that don't use animals can actually be a better training model for students in most classrooms.

Dissection Alternatives
    From AAVS, a comprehensive list of alternatives to dissection ? including software, videos, models and charts.

Dissection Information
    Basic information on the issue from the American Anti-Vivisection Society.

The Issue of Dissection
    From the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, an excellent paper on the subject by Nedim C. Buyukmihci, V.M.D.