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Vivisection FAQs   FAQs about vivisection.
Vivisection facts   Surprising facts about vivisection.
Vivisect FAQs 2   Another list of FAQs about vivisection.
What is Vivisection?   Answers. includes links to Video
WHY   Why does it continue? It's cruel. It's wasteful. It delays progress. So why?


Testing Links   Links to resources
Vivisection Info    Humane Research
Vivisection  Vivisection Fraud & 1000 doctors (and many more) against vivisection
Links   Links to more information about animal testing and vivisection.
Anti-viv links   More anti-viv links, 2005


below   Youtube videos and links at bottom of this page
Monkey Love    You tube movie about Harry Harlow /videovault?beid=50   A one-minute film about animal experimentation.
Testing Today. mov   Cartoon movie from vivisector about testing today.
Vivisection Is Wrong .jpg Poster I just watched a video detailing the most appalling treatment of monkeys inside government testing labs. It's called "inside the monkey labs, " and it's streaming on the web tv site. I suggest you pass this on to everyone, it has moved me to join the animal liberation movement.
Vivisection Photos   photographs of vivisection victims
Lab Photos   miscellaneous (non-graphic) photos
HLS movie  "Winner Take All," a new movie by Animal Rights Media East about Huntingdon Life Sciences and the fight against the company by activists in the U.S.
Covance Undercover   Links to .mpegs from undercover operation at Covance (a multinational biomedical testing company which abuses animals).
InterNICHE Conf.   listen online


Time To Face The Facts - The Struggle to End Vivisection - 2005 - a science oriented abolitionist site. 6/10
First Middle East Seminar on Alternatives to Animal Experiments - Feb '10
Alternative Methods - To What?
Yale Lab Tech Causes Two Problems for Animal Researchers - October 2009
Jentsch & Ringach Refuse to Debate -- YET AGAIN! - October 2009
Vivisectors Speak - October 2009
Animal Abusers Desperate for Love - October 2009
Vivisection Is Bad Science - October 2009
Day of Atonement for Eric Ledbetter - October 2009
Watchdog Files Federal Complaint Against UC Davis
Letter of Complaint to Chancellor, UC Davis
Letter of Complaint to USDA about UC Davis
Essay: They are Only Numbers - January 2009
Pharmaceutical Lies
Stem Cells Could End Animal Testing - December 2008
EU Website on Alternate Methods to Animal Testing - December 2008
Scientists may be forced to report exactly how much animals suffer in laboratory experiments - October2008
US scientists exposes irrelevance of GM mouse research - May 2008
Vivisection According to Dr. Robert Mendelsohn - May 2008
Torture of any species a violation of nature - March 08
New alternatives text now available in 100 languages - Dec 2007
Artificial gut may replace animal testing - August 2007
Virtual Mouse Brains with Extraordinary Detail - August 2007
Activists win ruling on laboratory animals - August 2007
Toxicity Testing Without Animals - August 2007
Council of Europe recognizes lab primate suffering - June 2007
Report exposes extreme animal suffering - April 2007
Lancet on Vivisection - April 2007
I Was a Vivisectionist - April 2007
Wall Street On Animal Testing - March 2007
The Rotten Truth Behind Iams' "Dental Defense" Diets - March 2007
Respect for Life - Monitoring the ethical practice of animal research - Mar. 07
Surgeon Blasts Animal Testing - February 2007
Animal Experimentation: No Lie Can Live Forever - Feb 2007
'Monkey Business' Ends At UConn Health Center - Jan 2007
Lives In the Balance - January 2007
Oxford Vivisectionists are Swimming Against the Tide - Dec. 2006
The Human Cost of Animal Experiments - There is strong scientific evidence that animal-based testing is grossly inaccurate.
A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation - by Murry J. Cohen, M.D., Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D., Rhoda Ruttenberg, M.D. and Alix Fano, M.A
101 Misleading Vivisection Results - documented examples of failures, fatalities, misleading results, mistakes and missed opportunities which have occurred through our acceptance of vivisection.
The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket - to alert readers to the poisonous nature of the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs, the incalculable damage these dangerous substances are having on public health and the debilitating impact this is having on our economy.
Mismatch found between drug trials on animals, humans - Dec. 2006
Vivisector Speaks - October 2006. Vivisector talks about HLS.
Vivisection Corruption - Oct. 2006. UK officials protect businesses.
Why Tests Continue -- June 2006. Why Animal Experiments Continue.
Vivi Debates -- June 2006. The vivisectors are getting clobbered in debates.
Help put the vivisection record straight - August 2006. What Tony Blair doesn't know about vivisection.
HLS Cruelty -- July 006. Insider's account of HLS
Rodents and Rabbits in Research -- July 2006. Worldwide trends have shown that they are the most abused in the name of science.
Monkeys wearing glasses to improve children's eyesight -- 2006.
Oxford AV Debate -- April 2006. Debate at Oxford University.
Response to Anti-Vivisection Unmasked (Word doc) by Sarah. Orig. article (.pdf).

Why Animal Testing Is Bad Science -- by Peter Tatchell.

Why Testing is Pointless -- 33 Reasons, by Phil Haylock.
A Heartless Science -- editorial.
Vivisection Debate --Animal rights and wrongs.
Experiments Mislead -- Over-reliance on animal experiments leads to incorrect human risk assessments.
Public Debate -- Debate between animal rights activist Rick Bogle and UW-Madison professor Eric Sandgren.
Testing Unnecessary -- 2006. Animal testing is both cruel and unnecessary.
Bad Science -- 2006. A testimonial regarding the folly of animal testing.

Why the FDA Requires Animal Testing -- by Dr. Ray Greek.

Betray -- Fifty Drugs That Prove Animal Experiments Are Worthless by Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Coleman -- Why Animal Experiments Must Stop by Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Challenge -- Results of V. Coleman's challenge to vivisectors to find one patient who benefited from vivisection.

Proof -- When Challenged, Vivisectors Couldn't Name One Patient Whose Life Had Been Saved By Animal Experiments. Proof that animal experiments don't save lives. By Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Drugs Kill -- Why Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Injure? Are WE the guinea-pigs?

Rsrch is Fraud -- Why Medical Animal Research is a Fraud.

10 Reasons -- Humorous: Reasons Why I'm opposed to animal experiments.

Animal Free Labs -- Dec '05. Clinical Trials Support grows for animal-free labs

Technolgy4Viv -- Nov 2005. Combining Computer Modeling With Genetics to Improve Drug Development.

Dog Tests -- Nov 2005. Heart Specialist Calls on Government To Revoke Dog Researchers' Licenses.

Russia Vet School -- Oct 2005. Academy To End Animal Testing.

NIH Fund Misuse -- Sept '05. Use of NIH funds placed under a spotlight.

Banning Testing -- Sept '05. Attempts to ban animal testing of human drugs.

Stop Campaign-- Scientist: Animal tests don't work Feb '05. By Paul James.

Lab Folds -- Coulston Primate Lab Forced to Shut Down.

Vivisect battle -- Aug '05. Changing perspectives on vivisection battleground.

Animal Xp -- BBC Hot Topics -- Animal Experiments. Internet page and links.

Anti-Viv evidence -- Powerful New Scientific Evidence against Vivisection.

Dangers of Using Animals To Test Drugs -- Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions

Drs condemn vivis -- Doctor's group condemns vivisection.

Ecologist on Viv -- The Ecologist on vivisection

Mice & Men -- Of mice, men and medical concern: Recent health alerts suggest you don't have to be an anti-vivisectionist to doubt the validity of animal testing. By ROBERT MATTHEWS

Rat Institute -- What's new at the RAT institute, by Dawn Walton

Mouse Extrapolation -- The study is on mice and the findings cannot be extrapolated to humans

Animal Experiments -- Animal Experiments. Where do you draw the line? Toxic shock. From New Scientist.

Human Wrongs -- ANIMAL RIGHTS -- HUMAN WRONGS by Dr. Vernon Coleman. Entire text of book.

The Mousetrap -- The Mousetrap of Human Research

3 R's -- The 3 R's: 1. refine existing tests by minimizing animal distress. 2. reduce animal usage. 3. replace animal tests.

Advances -- Here's a listing of advances without animals, provided by the Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Experiments 2 -- Alternatives to Animal Testing, and some FAQs

Testing Alternatives -- Animal Testing and Alternatives

Alt to animals -- Consumers Choose Wisely...Alternatives to animal testing proven to work well by Kelly Bordin

Testing alts 2005 -- Sept 2005. A small dose of our own medicine -- ALTERNATIVES TO ANIMAL TESTING

Testing Alts -- Animal Testing Alternatives by Karen Lee Stevens

Animal Exper -- Animal Experimentation by Ryan McGuire 4-7-98

Israel -- The story of 'N', who took undercover footage of primate experiments

Anti-viv info -- Collection of Anti-Vivisection/Animal Testing Resources

NY Times -- Summary and links. Two stories which reveal the biomedical research community's dirty secrets.

AMP -- Americans for Medical Progress - one of our worst enemies by Alison

PCRM -- PCRM supports medical students opposed to dog experiments

Problem Dissection -- Categorizing the problems with dissection. Ethical. Social. Pedagogical. Environmental.

Vivisectors -- The Evasive Tactics and Deceptive Arguments of Animal Research Proponents by KG

Campaigns -- dissection campaign packet from HSUS

P&G -- Link to info and letter writing campaign against Procter and Gamble


Newsday Articles -- Articles in Newsday, pro / con, regarding vivisection

Legal news -- Legal protection for chimps makes front page news

"If not for" -- by L. Carter-Long. Refutes claims that animal testing is necessary

Vet w/o Viv -- Veterinarians graduate without vivisecting, using alternatives

Futile Viv -- Part of a leaflet produced by the British Anti-Vivisection Assoc.

Pioneer -- Anti-vivisection pioneer Andre Menache, from Jerusalem newspaper

Viv at UofCO --  DO NO HARM. Editorial Blasts Vivisection at U. of CO, 2002.

Deadly Consequences -- 50 Deadly Consequences of Lab Animal Experiments from Americans for Medical Advancement

Testing in Scotland -- April 2005. New figures and report expose shocking reality of animal experiments in Scotland

Viv Tactics -- May 2005. Intimidating vivisection industry tactics

Poetry 2 -- Written for the World Week for Animals in Labs

Poll -- 85% vote to ban vivisection.

 Lab empathy. pdf --  Lab animals and the art of empathy, by David Thomas.

Vivisection. pdf -- Feeling our Way Ahead? by R.G. Frey, Bowling Green U.

Vets On Vivisection -- Veterinarians give their opinions about vivisection.

Balcombe et al 2004 Routines. pdf -- Lab Routines Cause Animal Stress.

Jarrod Bailey's Teratology Study May 05. pdf -- The Future of Teratology Research is in vitro.



Who is Hans Ruesch?
Time to Face Facts
Vivisection: Science or Science Fiction?
Fear; the Controlling Factor
The Drug Story
Animal Experimentation; No Lie Can Live Forever
Animal Experimentation: The Hidden cause of Environmental Pollution?
Alternatives to What?
In Their Own Words
Two German AV Doctor Ads

Infiltration, etc

Peter Singer - Ruesch Vindicated!
World Wildlife Fund Promote Vivisection and Other Animal Abuse
Why Vivisection Exists
The Enemy Within
BUAV- A Sick Society

Dr Walter Hadwen Memorial Unit articles

The Deception of Alternatives to Animal Experiments
The Futility of Animal Experiments
No Compromise
The Motives of Vivisectors

Testing 1 2 3

download as an .flv file

This segment from Vegan TV tests the theory that rats prefer not to be experimented on.

download as an .flv file

More Vivisection videos / Tierversuchsvideos

HLS: com/watch? v=zKy0HCKiEqQ& feature=related

KITTEN - KATZENWELPE (after "treatment" / nach Eingriff); extremely disturbing: com/watch? v=R5IA_23gvm0& feature=related com/watch? v=lvSObJAzyFQ& feature=related com/watch? v=gZulJrhT4M8& feature=related com/watch? v=8YdPp7lzPzk& feature=related com/watch? v=1ymJfbDzKpY& feature=related com/watch? v=kFIYCAs8Ink& feature=related com/watch? v=lvSObJAzyFQ& feature=related com/watch? v=Nt4CGn7lRoM& feature=related com/watch? v=bBRgMokAEeQ& feature=related com/watch? v=zKy0HCKiEqQ& feature=related com/watch? v=KhFeTayxoFU& feature=related

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