-EU: Animal Testing: Launch of a new website to inform about the development of alternative methods

The European Commission has launched today a new website, the so-called 'Tracking System for Alternative test methods Review Validation and Approval (TSAR)', designed to track the development of new alternative test methods which should replace, reduce and refine current animal testing...
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=38889& lang=en.. .

-EU: EFSA evaluates TSE risk from small ruminants' milk/The Panel concluded that milk and milk products from flocks affected by classical scrapie, and to a lesser extent from sheep and goats in general (due to the presence of infected animals showing no clinical signs), could expose animals and humans to the causal agents of this TSE......
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=38895& lang=en

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