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UK elections: Animals Count manifesto launch

On 17 April 2010, at 5pm, Animals Count will be launching its General Election
Manifesto at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London.

Housmans provides the right platform for Animals Count to launch a radical
but realistic political manifesto. The bookshop specialises in books, zines,
and periodicals of radical interest and progressive politics. They stock the
largest range of radical newsletters, newspapers and magazines of any shop
in Britain.

Richard Deboo, Animals Count Deputy Leader and Parliamentary Candidate for
Islington South and Finsbury, commented: ³I am very excited about our
manifesto, our policies, our philosophy, which together represent a
practical and achievable proposal for a better world, a future in which
everyone is entitled to their share, where the abundance created by our
economy and the natural fruits of the earth are shared fairly amongst

We will stand in this election not only because it is our democratic right
to do so, but also because it is absolutely right for us to do so. We speak
for everyone and democracy must mean that everyone is heard, and so our
voice is the voice of all in the community.

We call for genuine partnership, collaboration and co-operation between all
members of our community, and a genuine recognition and protection of those
non-humans in our world whose personhood has been denied ­ against all
scientific and moral evidence ­ for too long and whose rights therefore
should be established in law and fully endorsed by a system of social
justice that is all encompassing and all-embracing.²

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