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Academic Biography

Anthony J. Nocella, II, is a Social Science doctoral student at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. He is focusing his attention on peacemaking with international and domestic revolutionaries and extremist groups, social movements, and conflict studies. He is a Graduate Assistant in the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflict, Coordinator of Syracuse Social Movement Initiative, and is on the Editorial Board of the Maxwell Review. He holds a M.A. in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies and a graduate certificate in mediation from Fresno Pacific University. His interest in peacemaking with revolutionary and extremist groups has fostered relations with the American Indian Movement, Sinn Fein, Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, FARC, and EZLN. He was involved with peacemaking in Colombia with Mennonite Central Committee and Christian Peacemaker Teams. He has taught workshops in mediation and tactical analysis, and has assisted in a number of legal committees in the Americas. He is a co-founder of the Institute for Revolutionary Peacemaking and Education with Richard Kahn and Center on Animal Liberation Affairs. He has written in more than a dozen publications and is author of Introducing Restorative Justice to Activists, Handbook: A Peacemaker's Guide for Building Peace with a Revolutionary Group, and co-editor with Dr. Steve Best of Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals.


    B.A. University St. Thomas, Political Science, Pre-Law and Public Administration

    Graduate Certificate, Fresno Pacific University, Mediation

    M.A. Fresno Pacific University, Peacemaking and Conflict Studies

    Ph.D. Student Syracuse University, Maxwell School, Social Science   

Masters' Thesis:

Using The Critical Pedagogy Approach for Peacemaking with Revolutionaries


Revolutionary Pedagogy

Revolutionary Culture
Peacemaking with Revolutionaries

Areas of Interest:

Conflict Studies

    Multi-Cultural Peacemaking

    Peacemaking with Revolutionaries and Extremists

    Mediation and Negotiation

    Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

Social Movement Theory

    Tactical and Strategic Analysis for Social Change

    Political Violence

Qualitative Methods

    Critical Pedagogy

Organizational Affiliation/Membership

Center on Animal Liberation Affairs

Animal Liberation Philosophy and Policy Journal

Institute for Revolutionary Peacemaking and Education

Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis

Green Theory and Praxis: A Journal of Ecological Politics

The Maxwell Review

Association for Conflict Resolution

Peace Science Society International

Friends Peace Teams

Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts

Friends Association for Higher Education

Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychology Association Division 48

Anthony J. Nocella, II
410 Maxwell Hall
 Syracuse, NY 13244