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Debating Animal Rights Philosophy

Animal Research Debate Set - September 26, 2007. Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Logical Fallacies -- Learn all the fallacies of logic. You will become a better debater.  More AR Fallacies
Debate Procedures -- Discussion Forum Formal Debate Procedures.
Nazis & AR -- Example of the ad hominem logical fallacy.
Argument clinic -- Monty Python's comedy sketch, "The Argument Clinic".

Philip Wollen with Peter Singer, June 2012
Debating Against the Abuser's Excuses - Poll results
Animal Experiments -- Animal Experiments -- Where do you draw the line?
Don't Alienate -- Persuade and Convince - Don't Alienate by Karen Dawn.
Resources -- Books about animal rights philosophy.
10 Stupid Arguments -- The Top 10 Stupid Arguments in Defense of Animal Exploitation - And How to Respond to Them, by Henry Cohen.
Just Talk -- Why Talking About Animal Rights to a Skeptic May be a Waste of Time.
Arguing w/ Meat-Eaters -- How to Win an Argument With a Meat Eater.
Americans -- 2001 Poll Shows Americans Disapprove of Animal Research When It Causes the Animals to Suffer
AR Philosophy -- The History and Philosophy of the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs (CALA).
Lie of Research -- Chipping Away at the Mountainous Lie of Animal Research.
Bad Science -- Bad Science or, Some Lists Useful in Dealing With Questionable Science.
Bad Argument -- The Role of Science Arguments in the Animal Experimentation Debate .
Gaps in the Mind -- Gaps in the Mind by Richard Dawkins.
Animal Logic -- Summary/comments of PBS video on animal reasoning and language.
Best articles -- Common Natures, Shared Fates by Steven Best. Links to off-site articles by Dr. Best.
Hypocrites -- Vegetarian Advocate: Lies Carnivores Tell Themselves by Jack Vegetarianberger.
Hypocrisy -- Hypocrisy, and Obsessions With It. A common complaint against the AR movement is "hypocrisy".
Teaching AR -- Teaching Animal Rights at the University: Philosophy and Practice by Julie Andrzejewski.
The Debate -- The Main Debate is ...
AR vs AW -- Article on the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.
      AR vs AW - Second article
Tucson -- Newspaper article debates the issues.
NYTimes -- Newspaper article debates the issues.

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How to Talk "Rights"
AR Philosophy
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