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Holocaust of Animals in the World

Holocaust of Animals in the World

This is the daily horror of an animal holocaust:

- A Chinese seizes the next dog - that looks full of horror on the scenery before his intelligent eyes, than he pulls the skin and fur over the dog's ears and throws the tortured naked body alive on the next hill of a mass of dying dogs and cats. The Nazi seizes the next Jew and does not open his blood artery, instead he throws him in the gas-chamber in Auschwitz, Zyklon-B behind and waits half an hour before burning the dead body.

- A Russian sends his beloved dog in a deadly fight and happily gets the prize of 1000 dollars from the owner of another dog torn in pieces. Than he walks to the next whore and fucks that blond beauty with the blood money, resulting from the misery of an animal life.

- The Swiss do not ask for Pit Bull dogs to get forbidden, these unnecessary monsters, after a child having been torn in pieces by three of them. They just wish the owners of such dogs to be gently educated in order to prevent further killing. We do not understand that we cannot change human beings, but we can eliminate monsters instead.

- The Brazilian seizes a young girl and tortures it over hours, filmed by a camera, puts the whole shit in the internet, thanks Bill Gates for that bloody invention, and becomes rich. Than he grasps another little boy, the son of Bill or George or Vladimir, and kills him very slowly in front of his camera - and some police officer, looking out for such documentaries, vomits himself to death.

- The pharma-expert seizes an ape and injects him some unknown stuff in his veins and looks if - without any animal tests - a human being would have been tortured by the pain resulting from the medicament. The CEO of Novartis and other crazy entities seize their salaries of over ten million a year and live, without testing their own intelligence, in luxury for a lifetime.

- The poultry farm is full with millions of chicken where they "live" their short and useless struggle. They are the true living-dead. In fact, many are dead before the slaughtering even starts. Come some epidemics over Homo sapiens, millions of them are thrown alive in open fires or buried alive to prevent human beings to be the next martyr, thrown by millions in huge open graves.

- In order to prevent a pandemic of bird disease, human mankind will not hesitate for a second, to kill all birds of the whole planet. And then, the end of all birds' song forever, mentioned in literature, will have come true and no little child of the first-class species of the planet, Homo sapiens, will miss it.

Billions of animals lived and still live today in a true holocaust. Every day, millions of animals are tortured because of humans needs for flesh and for tests. Animals have eyes like our children, they think with brains, they have nerves, they have feelings, they feel pain just as we do. We only know for some years how intelligent dolphins and apes are; we don't know yet how intelligent crabs are (thrown alive in boiling water) and rats and cats (mistreated in terrible experiments). What in fact do human beings actually know?

There are several Gods in heaven, created by Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, new-born-Christians and some other funny guys. But never ever these religions were a counter-part to the mistreatment of animals. The religions are human-made institutions, solely for the purpose to make mankind sure that it plays the major part in the world, that humans will end in a fantastic paradise and that they can do whatever they want with animals, water, air and resources.

Same goes for the whole history of philosophy. As I proved in "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth", the human intellect is not made to understand the feeling and the intelligence of other species in our reality. And since it is so, humans will continue to torture not only its own species, but also all animals, the nature and the spirit in which our nice human-made Gods wish make us think.

We will never realize in what sort of World we are living in, as long as we neglect our duties as humans. And therefore, we all are going down the drain right now. Jared Diamond is a dreamer, his optimism is somehow not of this world. Read my letter "Jared Diamond and his wrong view on reality".

The collapses in ecology, economy and culture are beginning to take place right now - with increasing effect from year to year. By the year 2050, humanity will be reaching its end - and no philosopher or God will shed a tear on this state of affairs (read "The end of humanity" recently issued).


Author of "CHAOS" / "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction" / "Fairy-tale about Goliath's stone and David's missiles", "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth"  / 

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