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The National Lawyers Guild has established a hotline, 888-NLG-ECOLAW, for individuals arrested or subpoenaed for offenses related to environmental or animal activism

The field of animal law in 2007
Animal Law Web sites -- in the US and UK. - Site for researching animal laws by US state.

The 7th Annual Animal Law Review Symposium - Feb 2018
Australia-bans-cosmetic-animal-testing-nationwide/ - Sept 2016
Canada Declares Animals are Now "Sentient Beings" - Sept 2016
Non-human Rights Project - February 2016
Last Week's Legal Milestones for Animals - Nov 2015
Idaho AgGag Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional - Aug 2015
Lawsuit Vs Kaporos - July 2015
Elephants are people too (or soon could be) - April 2015
Historic victory for chimpanzees - April 2015
Federal judge rules U.S. Navy Pacific training harms too many marine mammals - April 2015
Philosophical Notes on the Ecocide Act - Jan 2015
Court Rules Orangutan Held In Argentina Zoo Is 'Non-Human Person' And Can Be Freed - Dec 2014
Vegan teacher fired over Facebook post - Dec 2014
Landmark Resolution: San Francisco Recognizes The Rights Of Whales And Dolphins - Nov 2014
Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy - Nov 2014
Animal Personhood: Journal of Evolution and Technology - Nov 2014
Bill to Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania - Oct 2014
Supreme Court leaves California foie gras ban intact - Oct 2014
Courts will decide if chimps should have same rights as humans - Oct 2014
News from the Nonhuman Rights Project - Sept 2014
A first in Quebec, town proposes tough new pet bylaw - Sept. 2014
Animals can be 'victims' just like people, Oregon Supreme Court says - August 2014
Puppy Dow Law Passes...Gutted - August 2014
Judge dismisses suit against Miami-Dade primate-research protesters - 8/14
First Joint US/China Animal Law Forum - June 2014
Ag-Gag Laws Are Un-American and Unconstitutional - June 2014
Legal Rights for Non-Humans - April 2014
World Court Rules Against Japan Whaling! - April 2014
News from the Nonhuman Rights Project - Feb 2014
An International Court Should Investigate Animal Cruelty - Dec 2013
Suit champions chimp's right to not be held as a pet - Dec 2013
A Plea for the Removal of the King Amendment from the Farm Bill - August 2013
ACLU sues Birmingham Police over treatment of ARA - July 2013
Should Chimps Have The Rights of People? - July 2013
Should chimpanzee's have legal rights? - July 2013
Tenn. Governor Haslam Vetoes Anti-Whistleblower Bill - May 2013
Animals may get legal counsel in Connecticut - April 2013
New York Supreme Court: No legal basis to find dogs dangerous based on breed - April 2013
(US/wi) Veterinarians not required by law to report suspected animal abuse - October 2012
L.A. council votes to ban stores from selling non-rescue dogs, cats - October 2012
2 Sullivan farms, state ag chief named in lawsuit over foie gras - October 2012
California lawmakers pass a wave of new animal protection laws - September 2012
ARAs win legal victory just as the circus comes to town - August 2012
Animal Cruelty Lawsuit Settled with Hatchery - June 2012
(US) RI Senate votes to allow animal advocates in court - May 2012
Welcome to the Jungle: States demand secrecy over meat filth and cruelty practices - April 2012
Missouri ponders protections for animal ag - April 2012
Five States Now Have 'Ag-Gag' Laws on the Books - April 2012
Inspirational AR Lawyer Coming to Sunshine Coast to Speak - April 2012
(UT) Salt Lake Tribune: Ag-Gag Bills Chill Free Speech - April 2012
(US/al) ARAs Rally For Stronger Legislation - April 2012
Lawsuits to Declare Animal "Persons" Coming Soon - April 2012
Who Will Speak for Lucy? - March 2012
They Taught How to Negate Animal Rights - March 2012
Animal Rights in the Human Legal System - March 2012
(US/ut) Hiding animal cruelty - March 2012
Bartlesville Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charge For Burning A Mouse - Feb 2012
Butterball workers arrested on animal cruelty charge - Feb 2012
Scientists lobby for dolphin, whale 'bill of rights' - Feb 2012
(US/ut) Bill targets ARAs' videos, photos on farms - Feb 2012
ASPCA's "Stealth" Bill to Undermine CAARA In NY - Feb 2012
'Enslaved' killer whales case may mark new frontier in animal rights - 2/2012
Attorneys fighting for animals to be considered people - Jan 2012
N.J. animal rights group adds forensic veterinarian - Jan 2012
New Law School Unleashes Animal Rights - Dec 2011
(US) Officials reconsider Nevada animal abuse law's secrecy clause - Dec 2011
AstraZeneca Sues Animal Rights 'Terrorists' - Nov 2011
New law school program unleashes animal rights - Nov 2011
Constitutional Right to Farm? Or Legal Right to Torture Animals? - Nov 2011
Meat Industry in Supreme Court - Nov 2011
Man Convicted of Killing Mother Duck - Nov 2011
Humane Society files SEC complaint against Smithfield - November 2011
SUPREME COURT: Ramos defends anti-cruelty animal law - November 2011
U.S. Supreme Court takes up treatment of pigs - October 2011
Conference: Animals and the Law - October 2011
(US) Captive Chimps Could Be Declared Endangered Species - Sept 2011
New York Bill Targets Undercover Investigators, as Two Other 'Ag-Gag' Proposals Fail - May 2011
District attorney says he needed undercover video to make calf abuse case
Iowa Lawmakers CONTINUE TO Push for Ban on Undercover Filming of Animal Farms - May 2011
The Rise of Animal Law - May 2011
Regulation of Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders Passes Texas House - 4/11
Change to Law About Animal Dissection in Science Class - April 2011
Nevada Animal Cruelty Bill Moves Forward - April 2011
Amended animal cruelty bill approved by panel - April 2011
Attorney General makes opinion on PETA and UTMB case - April 2011
Anti-hunt beliefs to be treated as religion in the workplace after animal rights campaigner wins landmark ruling - March 2011
Animal Protection Statute Threatened - March 2011
Oreo's Law Re-Introduced - Text and Commentary - Feb 2011
Dauphin County gun club faces 60 counts of animal cruelty from pigeon shoot - December 2010
USA: A ruling on animal rights - 12/10
Appellate court overturns conviction in 2001 UW arson - Sept 2010
Spence Labs Break-in Trial Begins - Sept 2010
Australia Piggery Video to test Copyright - Sept 2010
Animal Experimenters Face Criminal Charges - June 2010
Anti-whaling activist to go on trial in Japan - May 2010
Mobile Crime Lab Aims to Fight Animal Cruelty - 2010
Why Refusing a Prisoner Vegan Food is Illegal - April 2010
Do Animals Have Legal Rights? - March 2010
Judge Rules That ALF Is Not a Gang - February 2010
Sea Shepherd Files Attempted Murder Complaint - Jan 2010
A good judge and a strong Texas law give animals their due - Jan 2010
Utah Sleuth Dedicated to Welfare of Animals - Jan 2010
Berkeley Activists Can Sue Federal Agents - Dec 09
U.S. High Court Debates Animal Cruelty Videos - Dec 09
AR Law Courses Threaten Use of Animals in Research - Dec 09
A Legal Challenge to Animal Research - Dec 09
Animals In Court - August 2009
Animal law makes steady gains in states - February 2009
Animal Law in Canada - July 2008
The Animal Law Center - Colorado, US
Univ. of Washington - Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
Another Victory for Schiff Hardin's One-Man Animal Law Group - June '08
Vet Student's Lawsuit Leads to Curriculum Change at Ross Univ - May '08
Animal Rights Law - March 2008
Law evolves after estates left to pets and activists push for AR - March 2008
Animal Rights On Docket At Law Schools - March 2008
Cases to Determine if Animals Have Legal Rights - Jan 08
Lawsuits Involving Animals Increasing in New Jersey - Dec 07
Animal Rights Lawyers Finding New Pastures - US, Nov 2007
Prosecutor earning reputation as staunch defender of animals - Nov 07
Animal Rights Law at Georgia State University - October 2007
Animal Rights Lawyers Have a Passion - October 2007
New Law Saves Puppy - September 2007
Monkey See, Monkey Sue - August 2007
Orly Degani - AR Lawyer - Los Angeles -- Shannon R. Keith, specializing in any case defending animals and those who risk their freedom for them.
SLAPPing Back - January 2007. Animal activists win money award after City Attorney files intimidation lawsuit.
Suspected of Thinking Differently
Lawyer's Guild -- July 2006. Condemns "Operation Backfire". Offers activists a hotline.
Counselor 4 defenseless -- Feb, 2006. Tucson, AZ. Local attorney focuses on animal-welfare law .
Adam Karp -- AR Attorney in Seattle, Washington.
Fully Informed Jury Association -- their mission is to inform all Americans about their rights, powers, and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors. Jurors must know that they have the option and the responsibility to render a verdict based on their conscience and on their sense of justice as well as on the merits of the law.
AR Law Schools -- Law schools see a growing interest in representing creatures that can't speak for themselves.
Westlaw Animal Law -- Westlaw added Animal Law as its own area of law in its database.
Protection Laws -- Aug 20, 2005. Un-American about animals, by Peter Singer.
Brazil-Chimps  Oct 2005. Historic Decision Recognizes Chimpanzee as Legal Subject.
Declare War -- A DECLARATION OF WAR. Killing People To Save Animals And The Environment.
Rights -- Steven Wise leans to the lectern. "I don't see a difference between a   chimpanzee," he says, "and my 4 1/2- year-old son."
Warfare -- From vegetarianism to sabotage, animal advocates are sending a message you might consider as you slice into that turkey. By Dale Smith.
Define Terrorist -- Who is the Legally Defined Terrorist: HLS or SHAC? by Tim Phillips.
Son of Patriot Act -- The Son of Patriot Act and the Revenge on Democracy, by Dr. Steve Best.
tony_church -- At only 28, attorney Tony Church has amassed quite a four-legged fan club.
Animal Law-ethics .pdf -- May 31, 2004. Animal Welfare Law and Ethics, from a talk given at Lisbon Law School .
Reflections - Francione. Reflections on Animals, Property, and the Law, and Rain Without Thunder

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