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The Twelve Steps of Marginalized Activists Anonymous
May 17, 2010 — Negotiation Is Over

Total Revolution: Revolution for the 21st Century
Simulposted with Dr. Steven Best, Philosopher & Thomas Paine’s Corner

Some of us believe that our community is ineffective. Others choose to defend activism that we all agree is important and crucial.

We’ve decided to take the first step and admit that we have a problem so that we can figure out what we need to do next.

Debate is over. The animals are dying. We need to act now. It’s time for us to empower ourselves.

Take the first step with us in the comment section.

justifiable action

1. We, the undersigned, admit that we are powerless to help the nonhuman animals if we remain marginalized and isolated.

2. We admit that we cannot find the movement that we keep hearing about.

3. We say unpopular things because we must identify problems in order to address them. We need to think about how we can become a real threat to the enemy.

4. We know that our strength lies in our solidarity with one another in the real world where the enemies live.  They are organized, dedicated, and powerful. We need to be too.

5. We understand that, if activists are waiting for PETA or In The Streets to tell us when to demo, we clearly lack strategy and a target and, therefore, we have no clearly-defined objective. This is unacceptable.

6. We recognize that we need to identify our targets and learn to strategize actions which are coordinated among ourselves. We will not remain isolated individuals waving signs.

7. The animals keep dying and none of us are able to help them. We need to do something differently and this is self-evident. We don’t need to debate it. We are prepared to figure out how.

8. We are not waiting for anyone to show us how to do our job. Nobody knows and it is our responsibility. The Revolution has not yet begun. There is no guide book. No rules. We seek to create a network of organized and coordinated cells beginning in Florida and learn how to be effective. It’s time!.

9. We want our peers to figure it out with us, but we do not know how to motivate any one. We’re activists, not public relations people. This is no time for patience. We are not lighting candles and hoping for change. We are not debating or discussing this with anyone. If anyone is unclear about why we need to take action, we do not have the time to explain it.

10. We need to be effective so we must stay safe. If anyone is unclear about why we need to  protect ourselves and others, we do not have the time to explain it to you.

11. This is a war… not a debate, dialogue, conflict, or struggle. Acknowledging the undeclared war against animals changes everything.

12. We are the only line of defense for the nonhuman victims and we will try anything we can think of until something works. We have all failed them thus far and, despite all efforts, we are losing ground. There is only one option before us. We have won many battles but we are losing the war… it’s time to empower ourselves and make it a two-sided war.

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