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The Morality of Animal Rights - Index
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FAQs - Morality -- Animal Rights FAQs # 11-25 (2 pages), plus FAQs regarding Morality
Speciesism -- Dozen's of articles from the growing body of work breaking down stereotypes about the difference between species
Biology -- Articles. FAQs, Do Fish Feel Pain?, Consciousness, Insects, Plants, Evolution, more


The Lie That Meat Eaters Tell Themselves - Sept 2016
Letter to Editor, NY Times: Morality and Animals - Aug 2015
Do Animals Feel Pain As Humans Do? - July 2015
Jeffrey Masson On The Murder of Marius - Feb 2014
Children Are Tasty, Too - November 2013
THE GAP: The Science of What Separates Us from Other Animals - Nov. 2013
Science: Where Morals Come From - April 2013
Dutch scientist argues that animals show morality, too - April 2013
Being Vegan - This is A Social Justice Issue - March 2013
Scientists Propose 'Bill of Rights' for Dolphins to Protect 'Non-Human Persons' - July 2012
Dr. Tyson on the Human-Animal Connection from a Scientific Standpoint - February 2012
Debate: What's the Difference Between Eating Plants and Animals? - February 2012
Everything We Know About Animals Demands That We Treat Them Better
Experiments In Ethics - New book, Jan 2008
Influence of Man on Animals - Adobe pdf file - written in 1881
Shedding Your Cognitive Dissonance - Mark Hawthorne
Moral Primitivism - by Jason Miller
Science, Ethics, and Moral Status
Deontological Ethics - powerpoint presentation
Sentience Defined
We Pet the Dog, and Then We Eat the Cow - Crispin Sartwell
Why Killing Whales is Murder! by Captain Paul Watson
The Rights of Animal Persons - By David Sztybel
Beyond Health - LTE.
Why Young Children Choose to Become Vegetarians
Seafood Pain - Will the fact that we know Lobsters feel pain affect the way we feel about oysters?
Moral Constraints -- Moral Constraints and Animals by Robert Nozick.
Morality Test -- The Ability To Be Moral Fails To Show That Humans are More Valuable Than Nonhuman Animals by Bart Gruzalski.
1st No Pain -- Putting The Alleviation of Suffering First.
Moral Status -- The Moral Status of Animals, by Martha Nussbaum
Animals and Ethics -- Internet Philosophy Encyclopedia
Property Status -- An Examination of the Property Status Of Animals - Peavy.
Slavery & Holocaust -- Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust, by C. Patterson.
Abortion and AR - TV interview with pro-lifer and discussion of AR
Socrates -- Remember Socrates: Don't Eat Animals by John C. Champagne.
New Abolitionists -- The New Abolitionism: Capitalism, Slavery and Animal Liberation by Dr. Steven Best.
Jerry Factor -- Who's Afraid of Jerry Vlasak? by Dr. Steven Best.
ALF Manifesto -- Animal Liberation Front Manifesto, by jo swift, March 1, 2005. The New Abolitionism.
Social Justice -Animal Liberation--the Social Justice Connection by B. Friedrich.
Right to Die -- Lessons from my pig Winnie, By Sondra S. Crosby. Sentient beings who suffer are worthy of our compassion.
2 Holocausts -- A Tale of Two Holocausts by Karen Davis.
Hell -- Theory And Practice Of Hell. Essay on butchering our animal friends.
Secular Ethics -- Secular Ethics and Animal Rights by Peter D. Wilson.
Unnatural -- An Unnatural Order: Discovering the Roots of our Domination of Nature and Each Other By Jim Mason.
Rights? -- Do creatures have the same rights that we do? By Joy Williams.
Beyond Might Makes Right -- Beyond Might Makes Right by Matthew Ball and Jack Norris. Plus two essays on expanding your circle of compassion.
Rights -- Rights and Environmental Ethics: An Aside by Tom Regan.
Gap Analysis -- Animal Ethics and the Scientific Study of Animals: Bridging the 'Is' and the 'Ought' by David Fraser and Rod Preece.
The Lottery -- by Shirley Jackson. This classic short story leaves a lasting impression of the distinction between what societies deem as "fair" and what is morally "right".
Circle of Compassion -- Expanding your circle of compassion.
Caring -- Caring for those outside your circle of compassion, by Jamey West.
Caged and Cruel.pdf -- RSPCA position on primate testing.

I made this because I found a website full of stories and pictures of animal abuse.
 It sickened me how humans treat animals!
All I want is to stop the cruel methods used at slaughter houses.
 Do we have to spill blood to have meat?
We are so advanced today, and yet we can't even accomplish that.

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