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1) The belief that the only species that matters, has feelings, has interests, and has rights is the human one.

2) The belief that everything that exists on Earth belongs to humans, to do with as we will, for our own benefit and pleasure.

3) The absolute failure to recognize that animals have the right to exist on Earth without being commercialized and commodified for the comfort of humans.

4) The misguided perception that humans are the only species of import on the planet, rather than just one among many who have intrinsic value and who contribute to the equilibrium and beauty of the Earth.

5) The refusal to acknowledge that animals are sentient, conscious beings who are capable of suffering physically and psychologically and who value their lives, their homes, their mates, and their children.

6) The inability to see that all life is interconnected and interdependent--and that a sense of connection with and respect for animals enriches and enhances our own lives.

7) A profound sense of disconnection from nature and other life forms--with an attendant callous disregard for their wellbeing and the consequent erosion of our own characters.

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